Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lovely surprise!!

Today the mailman brought me a lovely surprise from none other than my sweet sis Joei. She never mentioned to me that there is something on the way, and so i was wondering what the package in the mailbox was. I took it inside, and I opened it, I saw a pattern!!! *blush* I have been wanting this design for a while. It's Becky's Garden by Whispered by the Wind. How thoughtful!! There was also a card and something wrapped nicely in red. =^-^=

Sure enough there is one of her very artsy creations. A beautiful pinkeep, with such bright lovely colors. I love it. Please forgive the photo capturing abilities of mine today, It had been cloudy/raining for the past week.

And a very heartwarming christmas card.

I too, sis, am glad...that I got to know you... Thank you... *^_^*

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just a quick post...

Gosh, I haven't updated in eons. I have been soooo busy during thanksgiving and now preparing for my visit to the Philippines next month. Things went topsy turvy for me...Long story short, I was so pissed off to know that our Hong Kong lay-over is only really good for those who are planning to shop 'till you drop... which is not what i wanted, I just want to get my ass at home and maybe hit the beach...ahh the tropics!!

I've already started cancelling FOTM's except for SMF which will commence by the month of my departure...

However, on stitchy news. I did manage to finish UTFT girls for my mom, she will be coming to see me in California 3 days before we leave for the Philippines, and this is my gift for her.

Also, I started a new wip for my son, It's called La Balacoire by Nimue, so cute and adorable. Will post a wip later when i have time. I know i got boring but thanks for stopping by. =^_^=

Have a Happy Holidays!!!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time for an Update!!

Hello all!! Hope you are all doing well. I haven't blogged for a while, and i admit I haven't really been stitching that much lately. However, I do have some updates and 2 framing HD's!!! Atleast I accomplished something while AWOL, aight?? hehe

First is the Spring Baby Butterfly by EMS, I picked up a ready to use frame at Michaels and surprisingly it fits although I used monaco fabric which is slightly thicker than most, even used the frame backing it came with, It's ready to go, for my god-daughter's birthday. It was very obvious that the baby was not centered, but I don't think it was that bad, I had to keep the child's name in the center after all...

This next one had been a framing HD for a while, I kept forgetting about it since i had to buy hooks to hang it. I purchased this super beautiful asian bamboo themed frame for $27 and it wasn't a standard size, it was 17x22 which was perfect for the piece, I bought it at this framing place in San Luis Obispo, they have ready made frames, hanging, you only need to purchase glass along with it, I saw this and i had to get it for the piece because it just fits, perfectly! I backed it with kraft paper (framing paper) and just added hooks for hanging it. Sorry this picture is washed out, today is very cloudy (probably from the wild fires) and the crap called "Vista" is not very user-friendly.

I'll need to catch up on reading your blogs, so please bear with me, I have been so busy lately, I had lost my 'wonder woman' touch LOL.

I'll end with trick or treat pictures...

Lord Vader getting ready to go..

Mommy all dressed up, finally got the chance to wear the yukata. woohoo!!

Trick or Treat!!

Here we are, going door to door (i got offered candy too LOL)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally! Finally! Finally!!

Finally! After 48 years LOL I finished the spring butterfly baby.

I am so thrilled because i started to hate her. It's just one of those designs that you think will finish up quick, but not in my case esp. since i was in a slump too. It really took a while to get it done. By the way, she was originally standing in a circle/oval of green (grass supposedly) but I wasn't so crazy about it, I think it looks awful, so i omitted that part and only stitched the flowers around her. Much much better!!

I also had S.E.X. (stash enhancement experience) today. Woohoo! It's very pretty. I ordered this from when Lori had her spring sale. It's Enchanted Fabrics summer glade on opal lugana. It just make me so happy because I was able to order it at the last minute due to the fact that at the beggining of each month is rent week and hubby told me to write him a note of reminder to make sure he could order it for me on the last day of sale which was on October 12th, and not not not to miss it!! It arrived today! Yey!!

So here is what I have been busy with lately. I have been trying to twink my toon out. She's mostly wearing blue and purple gear now. I have also gotten couple of 1337 (elite) enchants & stuff for her like major spellpower, and runic spellthread etc.

I'm so proud of her. =^-^=

This is me next to the pumpkin with my minion Shaathun.

And here is another one of me riding a magic broom. It's for Happy Hallows End celebration.

Hope everybody is well and are having a grand time stitching!! Thanks for visiting!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Spring Butterfly Baby

I have not abandoned my passion! No! no! no! Amids't the really bad slump, I tried to atleast keep myself afloat by doing this small design. As you can see, there is something wrong with this project!!! One should never force themselves to stitch when on a really bad bout of slump! LOL

The design did not stay in the center, can you see?? There is more space towards the right side. I started in the middle, crawling towards her head, but, God knows what happened, when i finished her head i realized that the stitches i did at the center (they were suppose to connect) had been an inch or two further than where they were supposed to be. I hope you know what i mean!!! So since her head was already finished, i went on and frogged those and moved the stitches that were supposed to be in the center (they aren't in the center anymore) Ugh!! malfunction! malfunction!!! O_o

I am hoping there will be enough space to the left for mounting and framing. That's my only wish..I will continue with her until she's done, and hope I did not succumbed myself into something where i would wish to rip it all apart. LOL

As to the fabbie, i dyed it myself, I am not so crazy about it. LOL (i'm not a pink or yellow/in the case yellow green person)And i had no hopes of dyeing another one. Hehe

Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely day!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

A not so cross-stitch entry!

Another birthday approaching. A friend's daughter is turning 2 in November, and i had thoughtof stitching for her Spring Butterfly Baby by EMS. My friend told me her daughter's bedroom decors are butterflies, so I think I would stitch her that and put her b-day and stuff, like a birth announcement. Thought of doing the first version which is Butterfly Baby, but not so fond of how she look like. I think I like the spring one better. Will need to gather the materials first! *^_^*

I haven't stitched anything lately. I may have been in a slump because of those flowers, been playing World of Warcraft however, so I will just let my mood rule over for now, until i get my stitching mojo back...

I want to put pictures here LOL And what better pics to show you, i have...Pictures of my son, Connor a week or so back, went with his daddy to mcdonalds and wore his daddy's shirt! hahaha

Little'st Jedi

America's Next Top Male Model


Roman Times...Roman God

Pray without Ceasing...

Last, but not the least Who's your idol???
...Like Godmother...Like Goddaughter!!! hahahaha

Hope you had some good laugh!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Me gotta package! Me gotta package..hey hey!!

I received a package from a very nice lady who is from the U.K. Honestly i don't know where to get this Uk Cross Stitcher magazines in this side of our mountain. Yep, that's my home address, big heart (no cholesterol attached) USA haha. Nah, i can't really reveal it, I am not very fond of paparazzi's!! LOLOL

I have been searching for this even on ebay. I saw a page auctioned of the "Snow Princess" a long time ago and I just thought she was soo beautiful, a must have! I posted on one of the bb's i visit and the nice lady, her name is Eileen-responded to me by saying she would give me the magazine, I just received it today and Boy! was I ecstatic!!! I am running around with joy. This is the January 2005 issue, so you can really tell that it's quite old. One you can hardly find on ebay!

This is a picture of a finished piece, I don't know who owns this, but I hope they don't mind. She's so lovely and dainty...She is designed by Joan Elliott.

Wooohooo...Happy dance!! Happy dance!! By the way, I'd like to thank everyone who doesn't tire of visiting my blog and leaving me comments. I love 'em so please keep visiting!!! *^_^*

Monday, September 24, 2007

Proud Mommy moment & Pictures galore!!

Finally got Connor's b-day party pictures from MIL's camera yesterday. Like i always say...probably every year since he turned 1, "i can't believe I survived my 2nd year of motherhood." LOL

Birthday boy, trying to lick his cake, before we even started...

Mommy and Connor, picture perfect!!!

The creators and the creation. wehehehehe

Also had S.E.X. today, God! I love this new fabby, it's from Enchanted Fabrics called "Fall Foliage" isn't it just lovely?? I saw it before on the newsletter and never really paid close attention, about couple of weeks ago, I showed it to hubby and he said, you should order it because he thinks it's also pretty...So he ordered it for me. He's such a sweetheart... =^_^=

And more flowers to show you, I have been feeling this is more work/obligation, so I am trying my best to work as much on the flowers as i can, so I can get over them soon enough! It's really pretty though...Did i mention that somewhere in those pinks, i stitched the wrong color, but I am so glad they were so close instead of 761 i stitched 3716 by mistake, so i did not bother frogging it because i don't even remember how far it had gone before i realized it..bummer! I'll leave it the way it is... I did stitch on the fairy wings the other night, just to save my sanity =)

Thank you for visiting and taking a peek. Hope everyone is well...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Love in the mail!!!!

I received a lovely gift from sis Joei late yesterday afternoon, It came so beautifully wrapped, i didn't want to open it!!!

And when i did, I saw two of the most beautifully done stitcher's stuffs.

A close up of the needlebook (is it what you call this?) You open the flap and you can stick needles inside...Now, I have been cross stitching for a long time, but I have never made anything like this...It's so beautiful!!! I am so inlove with it!!

And my very first look/feel of what a biscornu is... Amazing!!! It almost seemed to me like those pillows you put princess/queen tiara's/crown's at, except in a smaller version...

And the back view of the biscornu...Super lovely!!!!

Sis Joy, Thank you so much!!! You really made my cloudy day yesterday, as i was sick and did not want to even bother getting out of the couch. I haven't been able to send you an email even, but I will be doing that now!!! My butt feels so heavy, I needed a forklift to even come to the computer. LOL But of course, i couldn't resist showing off what you have made for me...Thank you so so very much from the bottom my heart!!! They are very special, I even put them back in the box and wrapped them again, placed it on top of the printer, away from the good hands of Connor. (even then you can see in the last pic that he wanted it--hand alert!) LOL. Maraming salamat po!!! *^_^*

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Updates...A WIP and a finish.

After a little wait, I finally finished my "Connor" name tree. I used VC dragon hoard overdyed thread and stab and stash summer reflections on 40 count. A few days ago my hair braider from IGIA arrived and I was sooo having fun doing the braiding on this one. I used a yarn that i bought from Michaels that says "clouds" and I really love how it came out...It's cute, although not christmas'y but cute...and I think it will stay this way..Hubby likes it as well..

Here is also my progress on Once Upon A Time by Passione Ricamo. Stitched on SMF Impressionism. This has been my focused wip for a few days/weeks now...I am working on those flowers and I just realized I hate stitching flowers LOL. But i think it is getting there, so I am going to try work on the flowers some more next time, the faster I stitch, the better, too many color changes and there is so many isolated stitches on them (i really hate those.) =)

Have a lovely day everyone!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My bestfriend...Framed!!!

Naw, not that kind of 'framed'...You have such a dirty mind. You need to wash it with holy water!! LOL

I finally got to framing this, I chose classic black, yes favorite color!!! I think it came out very beautifully! You can't go wrong with black and all that gold, I really think it gave the piece more of that Oomph!

She already saw the finished design, because she wouldn't stop asking me for a picture LOL. And she made me post it under the comment section of her friendster (kinda like myspace) page! Talk about overly excited haha. I am very happy by her response though, It really paid off all that hardwork. =) I just love her to death, she is my adopted sister and it's like our intestines are connected to each other LOL.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures are left behind in the Phils. and I only have those that have been saved on the computer. We've known each other since high school.

Here is us when we were still snotty little bitches (16 y.o. college freshmen note: the bobble heads LOLOL and me needing to get to know the tweezers for my eyebrows!! =D)

And then the last picture we have together 2 mos. before I left for the U.S. (my 23rd b-day)

On other report, i hate the clover wonder knitter! It did not do exactly as i wanted, and yeah ignorant me thought you actually just keep spinning and it would weave by itself (omg! don't think i have no IQ!) LOL. I actually always think that half my brain got washed away by the time i gave birth to my son. hahaha. If you want something that will do cordings for ornaments, definately not that! Now, i don't know what to do with the one I have, but maybe...just maybe I will be crazy enough to touch that thing again! I bought a hair braider that afternoon i tried to work with that! Hubby's suggestion!

And on one other note...I can't believe my baby Connor is turning 2 tomorrow, yes 2!!! Where have all the days gone??? One day he was just helpless..laying there in his crib or cradle waiting only to be held and fed...and now...he's going to be officialy 'terrible two!?' Does this qualify me for a senior citizen discount already? >.>

Have a lovely day everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September memory of...

Today the weather is really gloomy, i wonder if it's the same for wherever you are as well??

This is a piece that i honestly did for a 'freedom contest" over at the stab & stash. The fabric is called freedom. very nice..

I think it will be a perfect dedication piece for what we are remembering today. It's not only the americans, but to everybody in other parts of the world as well, who felt the great pain and suffering, the dark event that occured on Sept. 11, 2001...

Eventually this will be framed, and I would love for my brother in law to have this in his possession. He is in the U.S. Army and I am sure he will be happy to keep this piece.

I wish and pray for all the souls that are still lost, that they may find their peace and reach home into the loving arms of God... *^_^*

Friday, September 07, 2007

More S.E.X. (Stash Enhancement eXperience)

I ordered from Mindy during her Anniversary sale and after so much anticipation I finally received my fabby. It's called Mindy's Medley Pixie Sunset. I just love it!!! It appears so red on my picture because my son had apparently taken over the coffee table writing all over mounds of post-it's and himself as well..So i had it on top if a red pillow so now it's bloody red! LOL Anyways, I love it! I had though of stitching PR's Meditarreneo on it but..hmm i don't know if its suited...So will have to find something else...

I also got a new toy =), hubby purchased this for me on ebay last week, after contemplating on if i should get one of those machines for hair braiding, for cording purposes, i finally decided to settle in on this one called the wonder knitter by clover..I don't know how to use it yet, so it looks like I will be playing with it today, since i finished my son's name tree, so looks like it will not have to stay in that package for long...

Hubby also came home with the new PSP lite/slim. It so sleek and it's a ton lighter than the old one, since Connor had already taken over the old one, he looooooves the loco roco game, and always says "baba..baba" everytime he sees the PSP, so now everybody happy LOL. It's so exciting!! \0/ I just love video games, maybe one day I'll show you the stack of video games i brought from the Philippines all the way to the U.S. it's almost as much as my stash I guess..ehehe I can't wait to play Silent Hill The Beggining on it!! woohoo!!

We are a gaming household, so gaming gadgets keeps us afloat...The family that plays together..stays together..What can i say?? LOL

Please excuse the music, I just love it so much and I can't help myself but add it to my menu. If you prefer no music, You can always go down to my right side menu and stop it from playing...I hope you don't mind it though. It's a song that I dedicate to hubby.. *^_^*

Have a lovely day y'all... \m/

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Freebies And WIP updates

I love freebies!! A couple of days ago, i received some Sunsweet freebies...I love dried fruits...everything dried probably I will eat..dried mangoes (MMmmMmm, the Philippines grows and have the best mangoes in the world, also goes for its dried version) I love dried fruits, dried fish, dried squid (i have these in my ref) LOL. You grossed out?! W00T?!

The hands weren't included in the package LOL.

On stitchy update, i was able to pick up the needles. Hurray!! I stitched UTFT saturday night until late, Connor stayed up all day (did not nap) so he went to bed early, around 8 p.m. and I was able to stitch until my back hurt LOL. I focused on the one on the left since she has more color changes, and by the time i go to the one on the right side, should be quick and easy as her dress is mostly white. Here is what my girlies look like now...

Also, last night I decided to stitch on Once Upon A Time Again, not much progress as I had to sort my threads again because i move them around as i work on other projects and that cost me time, so i was only able to do the backstitching and a little bit on the prince's sleeve and a teenie bit on the fairy's dress...

Anyways, this is all i could say about Tide..LOL joke!!! I am still working on my wedding freebie, to post here. I don't know for sure if anyone wants that, but just incase...I'm trying to find a place that hosts zip files and so far I haven't been able to find one...May just stick them down here as pictures..

I leave you with a picture of my son in his two-piece LOL.

Hope everyone had a great labor day weekend *^_^*

Monday, August 27, 2007

Happy Stasher & funny pictures..

So hubby has yet again spoiled moi. =D I got new hand dyeds to show off, bought them from a lady who decided to thin her stash =)they are HLC Dragonmyst (right side) and SW winter breeze on the left. Today I also received a package that hubby also bought me online, i have been asking for this for quite sometime and he finally bought it for me late last week, it's a fitting tool for doing your own framing. It drives different types of point inserts including brad nails, rigid inserts, multipoint inserts and flexible inserts. Woo hoo!! Last friday however was a super mail day, I received Love, Peace and Harmony kit which was originally MIL's b-day gift for me last June, however she ordered it from a different ONS and they have it on back order for a long time already, and it seemed like when all my hopes had gone, hubby went ahead and called his mom to tell her to cancel the one on backorder and went right ahead and placed one over at ABCstitch, it cost a whooping close to a $100 bucks for the kit, one reason why i had waited all this time to actually want one to be ordered for me. I was so overwhelmed...I have been lusting over this design in like forever!!! Weeee!!

Here is the funny part of this post...Last weekend, we went over the DH grandparent's house because his uncle came over from another town and had asked us to look if there was anything that we wanted/need that we can keep, of course i rummaged through and found a hand vacuum, very useful for scooping Connor's cereal that when he decided the floor is hungry too, and a steam iron, i have been wanting one forever, It will be great at just going ahead and steaming the drapes, too bad grandma don't cross stitch or i would have had come home with a great loot, she does collect dolls (expensive ones) and had a sewing machine that looks like it has a serger on it too, and yes I'm keeping it! And some other knick knacks...So anyways, while we were there, Hubby's uncle decided to ring hubby's bro and went down altogether to grandma at the nursing home to tell her about the death of grandpa (she couldn't remember him though)...

Then Connor and i was left alone, Connor started to smell funky, guessed it, he just did a deposit, and worse i left the diaper bag in the car and hubby's got the key. So i ended up putting one of grandpa's left over diapers on him LOL. He did not mind so much, until we got home and i needed to change him, he made such a fuss and started crying because the diaper wouldn't stay on, he tried to held it up and got so frustrated. LOL

Poor baby..Still cute though...This is going to be one of the best memories I'll have of him at this age, it's really funny too...=D

Friday, August 24, 2007

A WIP & My very first sucker...

First of all I would like to thank everyone who sent positive thoughts and gave condolences to the passing of great grandpa Hank. Thank you with all my heart. *^_^*

Here is my latest WIP. I have been itching to start this since i bought it. It's Connor's name tree, designed by Nouveau Encore Designs. Stephanie was so lovely to work with and her name trees are very very affordable, not only that, I ordered it one night and the next day it arrived in my e-mail. You should check out her site, she has some lovely freebies as well.!!! LOL

And here is the little muffin I made this name tree for. This was his very first sucker and he really loved it!

And that contented look of having tasted something so yummy... =) (with drools attached lol)

Have a nice day everyone!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

In Memory of...

Great Grandpa Hank...

He died yesterday morning due to aneurism in the brain. Hubby is very sad. I don't know him that well but during the short time we've known each other, he's a very nice person and a super grandfather to his grandchildren. Connor lost both great grandfathers (from my inlaws side, one even before he was born). It's really sad to know that he will not know anymore from here on since my grandfathers had all gone home too...

Here is a picture of great grandpa and Connor

May his soul find its peace in the arms of the Lord...He will be missed.

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Framing HD!

Before i begin, please let me say a big hearty thank you to my friend Andie for sending me a late b-day pressie of Kiwi Illusion fabric and a $20 gc from ABC stitch. At a time when i had a huge crush on Nimue design The Swing. It's soooo adorable..aww...Thank you Andie so very much. You are the best! *^_^*

I finished framing my Sue Hillis piece yesterday, didn't take very long since it was small...I use the lacing method to frame my pieces. I love how it looks, although I had originally thought of framing it with mats, in a standard 9x12 size frame and an 8x10 opening on the mats, I omitted the mats because I think the fabric pays for itself. It's really pretty and sparkly in real life.

I also need it small enough to fit in a priority flat rate envelope so it will get there soon, I will need to mail this tomorrow so it will arrive on their wedding anniversary which is in 3 days!
By the way, there are no folds on the fabric, it's drum tight and super tight LOL, so have no fear !!The what looks like folds are shadows, cuz i actually opened the backyard door and took the picture on the floor.

On stitchy update, I haven't put a single x on any of my fabric/wips all weekend. Really busy and it's hard to stitch when my son decides he doesn't want to take a nap because he always messes up with my stuff, this project alone, he decided to write on the fabric with an orange crayon, thankfully it was washable and it happened on the backside, so no mishaps there, our walls however...had no escape. LOL

Anyhoo, thanks all for looking and have a nice day everyone!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Can you say...Stash??

I got bored so I thought i would take pictures of my stash LOL...yah! show off!!

I did not think I have this much until i took a closer look. (O_o) wOOt?!
Hubby spoils me... *^_^*

First is all my L&L/TIAG/BR & PR
Then Mirabilia's (they all won't fit on the table so took 2 pics )
And the last two are of the miscellaneous charts i have with kits, magazines, misc. designers...(please love my feet!) bwahaha..

Ohhh fun part! My hand-dyed fabbies!!
First 2 pictures are all my SMF, SW, Stab&stash, EF, Countrystitch & PTP (one from HLC) fabbies all in fat 1/4 and some larger.
Then my smaller cuts of 13x18 & 9x12 from same hand-dyers. =)

I really had fun sorting through them, they are so colorful and what fabulous eye candy!
Oh this last pic is not a mound of fabbies by the way, It's my son who refused to take a nap! LOLOL.
Please enjoy...and don't hesitate to feel enabled!! (^o^)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Warning: Bling Alert!!

Weee! I just finished my own wedding design. Again, I made this for my bestfriend who lives in Japan and is married to a japanese guy. I think it looks rather lavish with all that gold LOL.

You all can see now the color and contrast I had wanted, i think it works perfectly with the design, I chose light purples and greens (except for the vines) so that they don't steal away from the whole design. I hope my bestfriend and her hubby will love it. It's really bling in real life.
I am planning to add a bride and groom charm in between their names, but I have to find one that is gold, and I unfortunately have none on hand, so will have to order one later.
This is a very small design, I stitched this in a piece of 9x12, and the design is about 6x8, will fit nicely on an 8x10 frame. Will fit perfectly in an international priority mail flat rate box from the USPS tee hee...
I will be sharing this design to anyone who wants it. I am also going to add an optional verse once can stitch in place of the kanji and verse on this one, which says "You and me together never apart, remember my love, you are my heart." So watch out for it! Thank you for looking!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Other WIP

Thought I'd take a picture of my current/focus WIP. It is the wedding sampler for my bestfriend who lives in Japan. I thought I could redo the Sue Hillis piece I had just recently finished, but twice or more in a row *sigh*... proves I don't know my taste that well. LOL

Anyways, I designed this piece myself, I went around looking for a piece that would suit the couple, since they live in japan, and my bestfriend's husband is japanese, I had wanted to find one that had atleast some kanji wording in it. Couldn't find one so I made one. The kanji on this says "Love"...eventually when it's done it will say Love is you and me together, forever... But i haven't got much time to stitch alot lately. Life happens! (",)

Since they have a gold motiff during their wedding, most of this will be in mono-gold. But i will be adding a little bit of color and contrast since it really needs to have it! By the way, my fabric is a gorgeous piece from Mindy, SMF shimmering jelly bean cashel. Gorgeous fabby!

Hope everyone have a great weekend. (o^-^o)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Hot off the scroll..

I just finished my Sue Hillis piece Wedding Day. I will be framing this myself, but I don't have the right stuff to mount and go ahead and frame it right now, so maybe I'll be dragging DH and my son to Michaels this weekend.

To those who wanted to see the finished product, here it is.

Although i bought the chart without charms, I ordered a pair of bride & groom charms on ebay, and the heart charm was one I picked up at Michaels. I decided to put the heart charm in an angle because the key that dangles is just so cute and I couldn't resist my placement.

The chart comes with charms which are actually 2 bells that goes in between those flowers, and an entertwined heart that goes between "our lives... our love" which obviously I replaced with the bride and groom charm *^_^*
That's all for now, I probably am going to start on the next one which will be the gold motiff one. I don't know when yet...But i will be sure to update. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great evening!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just Updates...

I haven't been stitching much lately, so I haven't been able to update. Initially, i started again a new wip that I have not touched for a week atleast, I don't have an update for the UTFT girls, but I did finish my square for baby Matthew from Lovequilts. Here it is with all the color changes I had done. It's sent off and they had already posted it in their website when i checked today. I am excited to see what his quilt will look like. =)

And here is my new WIP, honestly, not very long ago...well ages ago...LOL before I had my son, i promised my sister and 2 of my friends (who don't stitch) that I will make them a wedding sampler. I did not forget, and although I tried my very best to find a wedding sampler that would be quick and easy, but still pretty and delicate, it took me all this time to find the perfect one. It's called Wedding Day by Sue Hillis. Here is a picture of what I had done so far...

It's been sitting in the scroll for a little over 2 weeks. Like, i said I haven't bothered touching my needles lately. I been lazy, and have been spending my time laying on the couch watching t.v. with my son...(Little Einstein 50 times a day!!) (O_o) ...

I am going to probably stitch this design 4 times, including mine and hubby...But depends on my mood, until I decide I need a new design...again...LOL

I am also going to match their fabric as to their wedding motiff, the first one is for my friend Hasel who has berry (almost maroon) wedding motiff, my sister had a lavender motiff and my bestfriend Christine who had gold motiff. The red fabric is one i ordered from Debbie on ebay, since I needed multiples and she has very affordable prices. Although, I knew she did not cure her pieces, I went down to the local fabric store here and bought a bottle of synthrapol for a couple of dollars and rinsed it in. =^-^=

Have a great day everybody!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

And then...I created faces...

First of all, I would like to thank Miss Tammy of Stab & Stash for sending me a belated birthday gift. It is a design called Merbaby by Lacy Clagg. It's so cute! Thank you Miss Tammy. The card was lovely as well *^_^*.

Okay, now to updates...

I finally created faces for this 'sisters'.

The flow of the design is amazing, as with other Mirabilia's it's so hard to put down!!

This 2 girls are absolutely dainty and very pretty, don't you think they have such sweet faces? They do! They do!! I just love them and the colors are amazing!

I have set them aside for a couple of nights to start on my other wip, I finally got approved for my sign up on Lovequilts. I signed up for a little boy, his name is Matthew and he is just so adorable! I have only done random squares for them before, but when i saw this kid, he literally stole my heart and I knew i just have to stitch a square for his quilt. I started the square saturday, I haven't been able to work on it so much yet, but it's not a very big design so I should be able to finish it soonish. It's a free design I got from It is called Boy Bear Sleeping by Cheryl aka Cinnamin. Thanks to her, she created such a cute design! I am tweaking colors a bit but it shouldn't take too long...

That's all for now...Someone in this house is whimpering themselves for attention LOL. Thank you for reading and for stopping by! Have a great day always!