Monday, August 20, 2007

A Framing HD!

Before i begin, please let me say a big hearty thank you to my friend Andie for sending me a late b-day pressie of Kiwi Illusion fabric and a $20 gc from ABC stitch. At a time when i had a huge crush on Nimue design The Swing. It's soooo adorable..aww...Thank you Andie so very much. You are the best! *^_^*

I finished framing my Sue Hillis piece yesterday, didn't take very long since it was small...I use the lacing method to frame my pieces. I love how it looks, although I had originally thought of framing it with mats, in a standard 9x12 size frame and an 8x10 opening on the mats, I omitted the mats because I think the fabric pays for itself. It's really pretty and sparkly in real life.

I also need it small enough to fit in a priority flat rate envelope so it will get there soon, I will need to mail this tomorrow so it will arrive on their wedding anniversary which is in 3 days!
By the way, there are no folds on the fabric, it's drum tight and super tight LOL, so have no fear !!The what looks like folds are shadows, cuz i actually opened the backyard door and took the picture on the floor.

On stitchy update, I haven't put a single x on any of my fabric/wips all weekend. Really busy and it's hard to stitch when my son decides he doesn't want to take a nap because he always messes up with my stuff, this project alone, he decided to write on the fabric with an orange crayon, thankfully it was washable and it happened on the backside, so no mishaps there, our walls however...had no escape. LOL

Anyhoo, thanks all for looking and have a nice day everyone!!


Andie said...

What a gorgeous framing Happy Dance!! You do a lovely job with your framing :) *hugs* I can't wait to see your start on The swing :) Will it be a very soon start or an in the future start?

Itching To Stitch said...

Beautiful wedding piece you did, it's just stunning framed ;)

Sharon said...

Great framing! It looks lovely.

Cheryl said...

It looks really great! Great job with the framing. I cant believe your DS drew on it though LOL

Carol said...

Very nice framing job :-)

stitcherw said...

It turned out gorgeous, they are going to love it.

Joei said...

WOW, it turned out very pretty. Congrats on your framing HD! I'm so sure the recipient will love it, lucky recipient.