Friday, September 21, 2007

Love in the mail!!!!

I received a lovely gift from sis Joei late yesterday afternoon, It came so beautifully wrapped, i didn't want to open it!!!

And when i did, I saw two of the most beautifully done stitcher's stuffs.

A close up of the needlebook (is it what you call this?) You open the flap and you can stick needles inside...Now, I have been cross stitching for a long time, but I have never made anything like this...It's so beautiful!!! I am so inlove with it!!

And my very first look/feel of what a biscornu is... Amazing!!! It almost seemed to me like those pillows you put princess/queen tiara's/crown's at, except in a smaller version...

And the back view of the biscornu...Super lovely!!!!

Sis Joy, Thank you so much!!! You really made my cloudy day yesterday, as i was sick and did not want to even bother getting out of the couch. I haven't been able to send you an email even, but I will be doing that now!!! My butt feels so heavy, I needed a forklift to even come to the computer. LOL But of course, i couldn't resist showing off what you have made for me...Thank you so so very much from the bottom my heart!!! They are very special, I even put them back in the box and wrapped them again, placed it on top of the printer, away from the good hands of Connor. (even then you can see in the last pic that he wanted it--hand alert!) LOL. Maraming salamat po!!! *^_^*


Carol said...

Those sure are beautiful gifts!!

Joei said...

Sus, ala yun sis, you're most welcome.

I'm actually praying that it will reach you soon and that you'll like it. I'm so glad you did.

Cute little hands. Is that a tatoo on his hand?

Pahinga ka sis, have a nice weekend!

Chiloe said...

You're right: it's beautiful !!! I never saw a biscrnu myself " for real" . That one is so delicate !!!

Cheryl said...

Oh wow, such beautiful gifts! Lucky you!

stitcherw said...

Wow, what gorgeous gifts. They certainly would brighten up your day getting those in the mail, what a sweetie she was to make them for you. Hope you're feeling better today.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise - they are both gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better today Noreen.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous gifts! Enjoy!

Yuko said...

Wow, Joei has done another wounderful works!!
They are so beautiful, I can imagine how you were excited!!