Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A little progress...

On Mirabilia's Under the Friendship Tree. I am making this for my mom, so it will be like me and my sister. I am planning to finish this before I go to the Philippines for a visit so I can give it to my mommy. She hardly cross stitches anymore as she is starting her little 'crochet business' and has no time. I am converting the skin and hair to match ours. =)

It's stitched on Enchanted Fabrics Margarita Flair opalescent lugana, one of the prizes that Lori sent me from when she had her anniversary contest. It was also hubby who picked the fabric in my stash, since I am eliminating the tree and extra whatnots that made the design a little busy for my taste, that way the focus is on the little girls itself. Hubby also thinks that the fabby will look like they are playing in the grass and vowed it's perfect!

I haven't gone very far, but I had some progress done from when i took a picture of my floor stand. I love how brilliant the colors on the girl's dresses are. They are really beautiful. ;)

And before everything else is forgotten. Thank you to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday. I really appreciate them and it truly made my day yesterday. Thank you! thank you! =^_^=

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My new toy...

Yesterday hubby bought me a stitcher's wonder floor stand from Michael's, with our 50% off coupon it wasn't that bad of a deal. So yeah, he came home with it and i was super excited, and then i went and started to stitch on it and...dissapointed!!! It was frustrating! Honestly, i thought it meant to rotate 360 degrees as in the whole scroll, but it gets caught with that U shape thing and no it doesn't rotate, it stops halfway which makes it very hard to access the back, and then hubby explained that the 360 degree rotation must mean the base of it's neck..Oh duh!! Now i need to keep pushing it upwards to do just that!!!

Today, hubby dragged the whole family to home depot, he went and picked up some wood, sandpaper, a saw and a new drill, then when we came home he made me just what i wanted, a new scroll holder!!! Or better yet...i would call it an upgrade! I am so happy, it is so much better, and he made sure it is big enough so i can fit even a bigger size fabric without a struggle. I love what he made, it's so comfy and it cost us very little! He also did an excellent job, it almost looked like one you can buy from the store.

Here is my new stand..
I love it! What you see here is also my progress on Under the Frienship Tree. There isn't really much to see yet as i had very little time to stitch recently. But I am super excited about my new stand I just had to tell you all...It was a lovely surprise from hubby, especially that there is a part in there that he made by himself. I just love him to pieces!!! *^-^*

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More gifties...

Today I received another early birthday presents, they are from Ericille and Debbie (ladyofstitches). They are such nice people. My birthday is not until June 25th but these things I get in the mail that are totally enexpected is just overly heartwarming, it makes me feel so good that i have friends eventhough I haven't met them face to face, because I honestly don't have friends around here where we live, no family either, except for hubby's family and relatives. Mine are on the other side of the world and I haven't seem them in almost 3 long years. Sad, but life must go on... =)

Anyways, here are the goodies I got from these 2 beautiful ladies.

The pic says it all...I just love Lilly as soon as i saw a picture of her. Lilly is the gift that Ericille gave me. The beads and the fabric are from Debbie, its an opalescent lugana the color is called "Huntress". I phoned hubby at work as soon as i saw them, and he was excited for me as well, he understand very well how lonely I sometimes get, everyday is a you know "adjustment"stage for an immigrant LOL. What a great day it is...I am so pleased to know that there are still uber nice people out there. It makes me feel very special...

Thank you everybody for the love. When my birthday arrives and you will greet me, I would feel uber-uber special then too... =)

Awww, i'll be a year over quarter of a century... :D

Monday, June 18, 2007


My bestfriend who lives in Japan gave me the biggest surprise of my life! She sent me an early birthday present and I was just psyched outta my mind!!! When i opened the door to pick up my mail, there was this box sitting there and I was just very ecstatic when i opened it, it contained 2 sets of Yukata (Japanese Kimono) one for me and one for my son. OMG!! I was so shocked, it brought back memories of when i was young, we would have United Nations Day in school and I am always Miss Japan LOL. My son loves his yukata he tried it on as soon as he saw it, I will have to take pics of him later, he looked like a little samurai. =D

Here is our pair of yukata's, aren't they just beautiful?? Now this halloween, I will surely wear it and imagine that I am a geisha. LOL.

I just love that butterfly obi belt...It's so pretty!!

This is my beautiful japanese god-daughter Maiko chan. She is so precious and adorable..

Thank you Christine for my gifts, I am so thrilled! You are the bestest best friend ever!! =)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fairy Celebration..Yaaaa hoooo!!

Have not been able to blog for a while, but I'm here now...I just have to write about my recent finish..She is just lovely! Okay, I admit, I saw Juls finish yesterday and i frantically started to try and finish her yesterday too. I felt guilty that I had neglected her for sometime, and to think I stitched her way before Juls started hers LOL. I hope she won't turn me into a frog.. =(

Anyways, here she is...I left out the wordings "Fairy dwell here" because I have no room for them, I used a 9x13 piece of SMF fabric Gnome cashel, and i used WDW spring bouquet, obviously i got different dye lots =.

Right now, I will be stitching more on my competition piece for the stab & stash "freedom" contest. I am almost done with it....hmm, i just really want to tell myself that LOL. I won't be starting or working on anymore WIPS until i finish it because there is a deadline, and you know what happens when there is a deadline...I go crazy and starts cramming!

Thank you for looking, and if you ever drop by and leave me comments, I thank you with all my heart for taking the time. Have a great evening ya'll.

Saturday, June 02, 2007


A happy dance! Poison Ivy is done WoooHooo!!

I finished Ivy last night, man, she took forever...I've never met anyone with such little body clad in so much dress!!

She is my poison ivy version (yada, yada like a broken record LOL). I did change a few things about her...(off to copy & paste the explanation harharhar)
So here goes..."I feel she did not have form/curve so i eliminated her back, pulled up her skirt and continued her wings. I also changed her skin, hair and dress colors (which now i think she looks more like a walking flower ). I also gave her what i would like to call 'glass slippers', it's actually just a blend of RB-PB10 and of her skin color." *bow*

I love how she turned out. She did not exactly have what i originally planned colors for her 'the hot pinks' It just didn't seem right to me at all...frogging horror!!

P.S. The Love of my life. =^-^=