Monday, November 27, 2006

Recent HD's!!!

Haven't been around lately, I let my brain hibernate for the past month or so...? After all, idling is not a sin! =D

I finished two wips that i had going for a while, I don't keep track, really, eventually I just realized it's gone past a whole month...sometimes two...three...four? Have never had one going for a year yet, thank you Lord!

Here is the Lanarte piece I won on ebay, It's not framed yet, as you can tell, but i felt like it needs a little bit of drama around the piece, so I Picture It! it.

Then this TIAG baby basket one, i finished today, actually I finished it last week, but the beads came today so it had to sit for a while collecting dust. I had to sub beads into it because of my beautiful mind not being able to decipher the tedious job of learning how to do a french knot...or knots for that matter...I do think the beads paid off much better than if there were knots there. It gives it better coverage. I also converted it into soft pinks. This is for a friend at hubby's work, a very nice lady who had just had her first grand daughter. I mounted it tonight, Surprisingly It went fairly easy, hmm..I maybe becoming an expert at this mounting stuff, great! Then I can be my cheap self again, not having anything custom framed! LOL

That is all, hibernation here i come!!! =D

Monday, November 06, 2006

WIPS Galore!!!

I decided to take pictures of my WIP's. I don't usually, I feel it takes away precious stitching time. =D. But a friend at hubby's work wanted to see a wip of the birth announcement i am stitching for her DGD, so why not take 'em all?? *wink* *wink*.

First off, is the TIAG-baby in a basket stitched on 32 ct. belfast linen (my first linen project)...I converted the baby's blanket to pale pinks, I feel the white was too neat, and pale pink should match no matter what their baby furnishing colors are, I'm almost there, I have been working on this on and off for weeks now, i don't know exactly how many..but weeks...

Second one is a kit I have won on ebay. It's by Lanarte, there was no title but it says
'lifestyle collection'. It's stitched on 28 ct. EF prairie skies. I work on this while my son is up and about, because it's small it's very easy for me to put it aside before he smudges it with his hand prints!! =)

This is the Lanarte piece i was mounting for 2 days straight. As i mentioned before it was so damn difficult, LOL, but i got it done, woo hoo!! Did i do a good job Andie?? I hope so, I get a star stamped, yah?? Thank you for your encouragements by the way, you are such a lovely person, and despite the fact that this was hard, and actually hurt my hands, I think i passed! A+? pretty please? (with cherry on top!)...I used denim thread on this lacing job, I sure hope its durable enough...

Here it is infront...It will remain a wip until i pick up a frame and stick it in there...Splat! This is for my ob gynecologist, who after my son had started to walk still hadn't received their picture together...So I am sticking that picture in that square! That's more than a year of excuse, and i hope this cross stitch will makeup for it! He's probably ran out of bulletin board space for their picture anyway, so why not make one where it will have its own space in his office...*grin*

That is all the galore's for now...I hope the next time it will say "shopping galore!" bweheheh

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Painstakingly awful task...

Yesterday hubby and i worked on mounting my finished Lanarte piece, I never thought how painstakingly difficult it would be to lace a piece. It was horrible, it kept pissing me off!!! I can't believe I was having a hard time, and i thought it was going to be easy easy! Think again Noreen, you are losing your mind. Stop thinking about being super woman! :\

It only took me all afternoon and all night to lace one side LOL. Plus my son wouldn't take a single shut eye in the afternoon so i had to keep working with it on and off...I am hoping i will finish lacing it before next year comes, its very disheartening. Honest!

Anyways, I will try to finish it...Just can't let that hang around to get dirty now, can i?

My son stayed up all night too, and when he finally snoozed, i couldn't resist taking this cute picture of a sleeping angel...Yes, yes i know...I love my own... :-D

So I'll sing to you his favorite nighty night song from the backyardigans..of course...

'hush my little darling, you had a busy day, the sun is afalling, and its time for mommy to say...
hush, hush, hush little Connor goodnight...hush little Connor sleep tight. Close your eyes and lay down your head, on your peaceful ocean bed, have a snooze please, like i said, and hush..hush...hush little Connor goodnight...hush little Connor sleep tight...'

It's not exactly how the song goes, but we like to modify things...heheh, it's for a mermaid song, but anyways, I won't sing that far mentioning its fins and whatnots...

Shhh...Do not disturb...angel at rest! ():-)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Adventure!

MY little muffin had a blast last night, it was his first halloween trick or treat adventure. He had a costume his grandma bought for him when he turned one and he wore it for the first time last night. I had never tried this dress-up thingy ever, we don't celebrate halloween where i came from. Instead, we call it All soul's day & All saint's day, one can't be without the other. We don't dress up, we do offerings, say prayers and some sleep in the cemetery to be with the departed loved ones...

My little super baby did enjoy his night out, we were knocking on doors and he was always surprised to see someone opening it and handing him candy, and then he gives it back, and we all end up laughing!!

I thought of putting on a costume, i have a schoolgirl outfit with net stockings, actually I just happened to have them around LOL (I got a little skirt that is plaid, the blouse and tie was one from when i was in college during my practicum, and i have those schoolgirl shoes with heels because we always wear uniform where i went to school at, but not the skimpy kind.) I put all of them together and i ended up with an adult costume. I tried it on and it seemed too chilly outside for me to tolerate with wearing so little. Maybe next year I will dress up, I need to find something that will keep me warm...I should have brought my wedding gown LOL!

Here is a picture of my SIL & her friend with my son, SIL was the pirate one, and her friend is a witch, with superbaby of course, really weird combo heheh. Halloween is soo much fun, I wish we had it where i came from when i was still young, it would be soo much fun to spend with your friends...

I think i should say an update of my wip, it is coming along well, I have a bit more done, I will update later on with a picture when it looks more than fabric. =)

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Peter Griffin...Family Guy

One of my college buddies left me a message, wouldn't you know it, I have a vulture behind my back, a fan club, a stalker? bwehehe...Anyways, she's let it pass on friendster (like myspace) as my profile here is identical to the one i have there, basically I just copy and pasted, I'm lazy sometimes...but i always clean me house..hey!!

So she was asking, who the hell is peter griffin?? under "favorite songs - milkshake by peter griffin" I had no idea it had bugged her so bad, she had to finally ask me and to show her...Well, alrighty, now i have to figure out how to embed a video, wish granted so you can rest in peace! j/k!

=video expired!=

So there you go...that's like my fave song, but only by peter griffin, he's the coolest guy ever!!...How'd ya like that..huh!? huh!?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Veezee Weekend...

I did not touch a needle for a couple of days...Couple of days!! It was driving me nuts!! The weekend was sooooooooo busy, I just could not find the time to fit it in, it was a terrible weekend *smirk*. Sister in law spent all saturday and half day of sunday since mother in law went to..who knows where??...It's really hard to be able to do something that requires me to sit on the whole couch LOL when there are other people around...I just hate that on the days where i get to some serious stitching because I will have some1 to help me watch this sweet baby angel of mine aka 'fish out of water' bwahaha, then some1 takes that chance away from me. It get's in my nerves...Weally! =So last night, Sunday night, I spent an hour or two of stitching ( I don't really count time or stitches) so who knows...=) And spent the rest of the night playing video games with my hubby, we picked up Ultimate Alliance when we went out friday, I thought I did not like this game, I play a different genre, but it was so much fun, we stayed up until midnight last night, and it did help me unwind. Since there are only two things on earth that kicks the kinks outta my brain...stitching and video games...

On lighter news, I won the Name the fabric of the month contest from Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

My entry name was bloody mary, the first time i saw the picture, I thought bloody mary!! But then again, i think people like when it is associated with alcohol, infact my 2 other entries were 'sangria and red wine' LOL. I think the name of the fabric is a celebration in itself!! heheh

This contest was run by Miss Tammy, she's one great lady, very generous and super talented. Her skills and fabrics are top of the line! Of course she is helped with her ever so supportive hubby Mike in running their store, awesome customer service and A++ on ebay lingo!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them personally. They are very special to customers who have dealt with them, including me. Thank you!!!

Today seems like it is going to be another busy day in my paradise, sister in law poured chocolate milk on her blanket, and i have a pile of laundry, I wonder why this happens everytime someone comes over for the night LOL. I am not complaining but I'd rather be stitching than do my chores since I haven't in a while...Ugh! I need maids...or clones...or grow more eyes & keep up with myself!! Help?! LOL

Friday, October 27, 2006


So, i made hubby take a day off...I had to throw a bit of "I'm" thing when we woke up this morning, i had asked him to take the day off so he could drive me down to the local LNS an hour away. He refused to take the day off, said he had some stuff to finish at work...But when i got upset he called work and reported he may not be able to make it to work today *evil grin*.

We drove down to Solvang, i was expecting they will have what i wanted, the PR enchanted fairy...And..and..and...they did not!!!!! I was broken hearted, how dare life be unfair! LOL

There was nothing i could do, even if i turn the shopkeeper upside down and shake him, no enchanted fairy would come out off of him, maybe a jingle...but no fairy!! grrr!! We went home and all i got was a couple packs of needles, since i had LoRan needle threader, i can't seem to have enough needles, this nifty thing..this...All cross stitcher should have 1, i have been cross stitching for years and i can't quite fathom how i had survived all this time not having this awesome equipment. I love it! If you don't already have it, you have got to get it...

Bottomline is...we still drove down an hour away, wasted gas..and no enchanted fairy in my stash! =(

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a night...

Okay last night was kinda scary...My baby had bloody stools...I called hubby and he had ran home quick, called the pediatrician and we went to the ER, it did not seem quite a big deal for my little muffin though, he was his normal self giggling, screaming at other kids while we waited at the ER reception. Eww, they poke his bottom too, my poor son was screaming like a girl, wouldn't you??

And so i was bugged thinking, maybe he ate a needle? Perhaps he found one i lost and decided it must be yum yum, lemme taste it, kinda thing... or he has ulcers? or or..worse alien abduction?! You know how they all say they get probed in the behind!!!

So anyways, he's okay, he had a bit of diarrhea from the change of diet, we switch from formula to whole milk...and the doctor said he did have a bit of constipation before the other texture of the entity came out, so it could have just been a fissure in the tissue due to the constipation, as we took his diaper to the ER with us, I warned the doctor, mind you..I said you need to put a mask on or you will faint...He was like "nah, its ok, i got kids at home..." and then a little after he was like " wooo you weren't kidding about the smell"...I warned you...

My baby had gotten a bit tired by the time we got home, so i got to work on my wip longer this time...I finished the whole arch thingy, and working on the flowers surrounding it...Will have to take pics later when i have more to show...hell yeah! peace out \m/

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A start...

A start, yes, very much so...I have started working on TIAG - baby in a basket. I had thought I would start now, a friend had had her grandbaby in July and it has taken me all this long time to stitch her the piece. I should atleast finish before christmas, otherwise her grandbaby will already be walking before she get her birth sampler..shame on me! Here is what it looks like after...a night and half a day of stitching..

I would have had already worked on this a little more, if hubby didn't have to keep changing his mind over the project he wanted me to do for his office, geez, worse than me when i was prego, he just couldn't make up his mind...But that's ok...We'll get there in the end..I hope!

Let me just tell you something I have been dying to show off. hee hee.. Here are my new "pointy shoes of death" as hubby calls em...

Got 'em last weekend, aren't they the prettiest thing? Who needs karate & gas spray when you have this shoes on!? I think if some1 tries to beat me up, they'd already know its deadly to deal with those shoes! And yes, those are my feet! =D

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

red hat area

Under Construction!! Very busy child-rearing!!