Monday, August 25, 2008

Totally Big Surprise!!!

Today in my mailbox, a package came up. I did not order anything from Lori. So i was wondering what it was. I did remember Lori asked me to correct my address the other day through email as she was getting an error from my address, so i gave it to her and asked if i had ordered anything that i had forgotten, she did not reply back so I though it was just a glitch as i was a member of her EF delights from a long time ago. I haven't renewed...just yet...until atleast we are back on our toes from the moving expenses.

So anyways, I opened it up, there was a mini-card, It was so thoughtful to wish me another belated happy birthday and I am totally surprised to see it was from the lovely Mel. I never expected it and wow what a thoughtful gift!!!

I received Hocus Pocus from Enchanted Fabric

Thank you soooo much Mel, I really don't know what i did to deserve such a wonderful treat. =^-^=

My son stole the card as it has hearts and is colorful, he kept saying "harchs? (hearts)? harchs?" LOL

Thanks for stopping by. I am so lucky. I hope you are too!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another award

I got another award from my Sis Joei a few days back, i forgot about it! She mentioned on her blog that it's called "Arte y pico". In Spanish it literally means ART and TIP but from Nina's translation, it means "The Best Art". Yay! She dedicated the award to every blog she reads, without naming people. But i love it so much and because I am so shameless I asked her to nominate me, as in put my name on her blog as a nominee!! hahaha.

I said to her that i would love to have it posted on my sidebar as well. She granted my wish, and tada! I got the arte y pico award.

Thank you sis Joei, I am so happy and proud of this award. =^-^=

Okay now, i get my turn to nominate. And the rules say:

1) Choose 5 blogs deserving to receive the award (conception, creativity, interesting equipment and contributing to the community of bloggers whatever the language)
2) Every award must contain the link towards the blog of his author so that it can be visited.
3) Every winner must show the award-logo and put back the name and the link towards the blog that attributed it for her.
4) The winner must show the blog link the Arte y Pico.
5) To Post the rules.

The peeps who i would love to have this award is:
1. My dear Andie
2. Veronica
3. Jessie
4. Jenjen
5. Romantic Fool

Please forgive this shameless innocent for wanting to have this award. There are things I want and things i must have...after all I'm only human... *cries rainbows* LOL

Added: Also my beautiful friend Andie awarded this back to me. How sweet!!! (I didn't even have to beg to her, promise! LOL) Thank you Andie. You're a sweetheart. =^_^=

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Current progress

Here for your viewing pleasure is my PR- Once Upon A Time. The pita'est of all projects I have ever tackled! The other night I decided to frog the parts where blending filament K#032 was involved, it was just not to my liking, very little sparkle as i was only using one strand. I did however finish last night re-stitching up the parts i had frogged and used 1 strand of the dmc and 2, yes 2 BF to make it more blingy. And i think it's working well, you can't really see them in the picture, but they are there. =)

Over here you can see my last update.

Sadly, they are still amputee's LOLOL but I am working on getting them the other halves of their body. But i wanted to finish those pesky flowers and branch first, and i think I have them under control, there is more to come a somewhat grassy area where the bench was situated, but doesn't look as time consuming as the arch. I am getting tired of them, honestly, and i want to stitch on something different, they are really testing my patience but I think i have enough of it to atleast try work as much. I am so tempted to start like maybe another Mira, one of the couture fay's perhaps? or the Nimue fairy dust...The question is, What is a girl supposed to do? (i'll leave it unanswered for now...) hehe.

Thanks for visiting!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some lucky girl!!!

Been trying all day to post, my lap had been Connor's favorite place to spend all day, and everytime i touch the keyboard he'd pull my hand away. Thank God for toys & children's tv shows. I would have been stuck here not able to show off my new lovely stash to you. =^-^=

Yes, i am one lucky girl. Another giftie came from New Zealand yesterday. It was from my lovely friend Andie. She sent me a late birthday present of fabbies. I was so overwhelmed, I have missed receiving fabrics in the mail, and surely this one made my day! She sent me 2 pieces and they are both absolutely beautiful!

right: mithril by Country Stitch kiwi sparkles
left: Lilly Pond by Crossed Wing (my very first from CW)

Along with the beauties is a birthday card she handwritten for me. Awww, I felt so special. Thank you Andie, you are so sweet. You made me so happy!!! This should tide me over with my fabby addiction for a while, since we are still too poor to go subscribing or buying for stash. LOL. Wish come true!!!

Also, last week, another lucky girl haha. A friend who i met during that SF trip lived only an hour away from me, her hubby dropped her off to our house last sunday to spend time with me and i had promised her I will teach her to cross stitch. She is so inlove with the craft that she is actually stitching for days straight since I taught her, i know this because she hasn't came online to chat with me on the yahoo messenger, but made phone calls to ask and on the 3rd night came on to show me her progress. I am so happy to have taught her, she is also from the Philippines and she really could use the hobby as she also did not have so many friends that she can spend time with where she lives.

my lovely friend Juvelyn and her stash haul from mine LOL

She chose Panda baby by EMS for her first project, I had explained to her that backstitching comes after all the x's but said she forgot that i had told her, so anyways, i forgave her LOL, she is doing good for her first time. The panda's face is also crooked as she still gets a little hard time getting acquainted with the pattern, but no big deal, i had corrected her the other day and said she will frog it off and I made a drawing for her as to where she made the mistake. And I'm hoping that by next time she send me a picture of her wip that the panda baby won't look like he's suffering from mumps anymore.

I guess i lied about not buying stash LOL. A week or so ago, I fell inlove *starry starry eyed* I found the chart/charm kit on ebay for $3 shipping and all. Yay! My lucky star had been really shining on me. The seller even sent me extra 2 reels of kreinik BF that the design needs, which she mentioned in her auction that it was only for the chart/charm, but I guess she was pleased that i paid as soon as i bought and gave me the extra BF's. So another list to go on my "things to do before i die" list LOLOL.

I made a little progress on OUAT, but there is not so much yet worth taking a picture. I will try on my next post. So please keep checking (if you are still interested =] )

Thanks for coming by!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Birthday Extension

Yep, my birthday had been extended! So that means I am not one day older since June 25, LOL. I received the most thoughtful birthday gift the mail yesterday. It was from my no other Sis Joei who in so many ways makes alot of people around the world so happy with her creativity and generous heart.

I did not expect to receive her gift so soon, since I knew she has not been feeling well weeks ago. But yesterday after we came home from a birthday party, i really sensed something like i really should check the mailbox"curiosity". We haven't had anything in there except bills and some mails for hubby from the new job. So we usually just take a peek like 2x a week, if it ever happens!!! We are so new here that my fanmails hadn't been arriving yet hahaha j/k!!! Of course, i haven't been subscribing or ordering anything due to the fact that we are still trying to cope from moving expenses.

So long story short, i went to the mailbox and opened it, it looked cramped in there "what a miracle!" I thought to myself LOL. I grabbed the couple grocery ads and the renters insurance policy envelope and behind them all, like sunshine on a rainy day was a big brown envelope from sis Joei. I ran home, yes i did, and skipped like an eager child. I was just so happy, like a little girl from the candy store.
And for you to drool upon. hek hek hek..

Here is my bday gift, a chart from WbtW that i like and a nicely packed something.

I took this one, beautiful isnt it?

Sis Joei, Thanks so much. I so love this, I don't know when i will use it yet, but I think it will come in handy for those trips we will make in Santa Maria, and I am sure there will be plenty. I feel so loved by you, maybe Eric will get jealous na. LOLOL.

Birthday ko uli sis, bukas hahaha. j/k

Thanks all for taking a peek.