Monday, April 14, 2008

Lover's progress

I have quite a bit done on my WIP. They are really coming along nicely, I am just loving every minute of this. Our internet was down all day yesterday and i worked on the bouquet she is holding. I can't believe how much we can get done while there is no access to the internet LOL.

I only took a picture of the lover's as I am too lazy to unroll and re-roll the piece. You know what the arbour looks like anyway. =)

Mel asked "can I ask, what are the clips on your stitching for?"

Hi Mel, they are my take on stitch clips which you use to tighten the side of your fabric. One day I was stitching Ivy and i couldn't get the fabric right (the way I'm comfortable with). I took clips and rubber bands and used it to pull the fabric sideways.
Also I find that the bigger the fabric, no matter how much pulling you do to tighten it, it will eventually start to sag esp. in the middle. So I thought the paper clips and rubber bands will do the job and sure enough, they did, they've helped me alot in my stitching, I have been using them for quite a while, I also use them to hold my pattern LOL. Hope this answers your question.

Thank you guys for visiting and for all the lovely comments. It sure keeps a stitcher happy enough to pursue her stitching career. hehehe