Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lovely surprise!!

Today the mailman brought me a lovely surprise from none other than my sweet sis Joei. She never mentioned to me that there is something on the way, and so i was wondering what the package in the mailbox was. I took it inside, and I opened it, I saw a pattern!!! *blush* I have been wanting this design for a while. It's Becky's Garden by Whispered by the Wind. How thoughtful!! There was also a card and something wrapped nicely in red. =^-^=

Sure enough there is one of her very artsy creations. A beautiful pinkeep, with such bright lovely colors. I love it. Please forgive the photo capturing abilities of mine today, It had been cloudy/raining for the past week.

And a very heartwarming christmas card.

I too, sis, am glad...that I got to know you... Thank you... *^_^*

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Just a quick post...

Gosh, I haven't updated in eons. I have been soooo busy during thanksgiving and now preparing for my visit to the Philippines next month. Things went topsy turvy for me...Long story short, I was so pissed off to know that our Hong Kong lay-over is only really good for those who are planning to shop 'till you drop... which is not what i wanted, I just want to get my ass at home and maybe hit the beach...ahh the tropics!!

I've already started cancelling FOTM's except for SMF which will commence by the month of my departure...

However, on stitchy news. I did manage to finish UTFT girls for my mom, she will be coming to see me in California 3 days before we leave for the Philippines, and this is my gift for her.

Also, I started a new wip for my son, It's called La Balacoire by Nimue, so cute and adorable. Will post a wip later when i have time. I know i got boring but thanks for stopping by. =^_^=

Have a Happy Holidays!!!