Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new PR freebie

Laura of Passione Ricamo is offering a new freebie. This is what it looks like.

Now this one looks very very beautiful and heartwarming, I am so touched by this design. The title is Devoted to Laurie (i don't know who she is but she must be one very special person).

You better go get it, she sometimes do freebies within time limits. It's soooo pretty!

Thank you Laura!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flowers for Mommy

Hehe. yeah right! Flowers for Mommy (me) from my 'imaginary' baby girl, who is currently and probably still swimming around hubby's scrotum. Bwahahahha.

I have stitched tons more. And she is looking gorgeous. Don't you agree?

Design: Gathering of Roses by Told in a Garden

Stitched on: Evergreen monaco by EF

I am planning to stitch more on her later, her dress is growing quickly and i love how dainty it is on her. She looks very pretty in it.

Thanks for looking and visiting everyone.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My baby turned 3!

Oh noesssss!!! hehe. Yesterday my baby turned 3! We went and drove down to Santa Maria saturday afternoon and spent the weekend over at MIL's. We all missed them, and they as well, it was so wonderful to be home with family again.

On our way to Santa Maria.

A home made cake for the birthday boy, by grandma.

goofing around with my auntie Kate.

me and SIL.

daddy is helping me open the gifts.

What's in there??

some more of my phat lewtz.

then we ate the cake.

and ice cream taste sweeter when grandma feeds 'em to me.
then Auntie Kate and Uncle Tyler wanted to see if i can keep them all in there. LOL

Then they wanted to play this domino game, but i am comfy here.

On our way home, we dropped by our friend's house who just had their first baby. Can you tell hubby is ready to have another one...? LOL
I got a balloon hat. LOL

What do you think? lolol

The friend's we visited who just had their first baby were the ones who I made this wedding piece by stoney creek. I finally got a photo of it framed, i did it myself but i forgot to snap it before i gave it away. So when we were at their house yesterday I asked if i could, and it was so surprising to see it hanged and having it's own wall in their bedroom right infront of their bed. =) So without further adieu here it is... (clickable for your viewing pleasure).
It was an odd-sized piece but i ordered a custom cut size of the frame from the local frame shop down in santa maria when we were still living there, and if i remember correctly, everything was around $22.50 which is a good bargain, wouldn't you agree? The frame is in silver tone. It really looks professional and i really love the way it came out.
Please allow me to greet my one and only sweet sweet babe.
Happy Birthday!!! I love you always and forever!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Because its still summertime...

The sun which i love is still here to stay for a couple more weeks atleast until Autumn kicks in, my Rose girl is now saved from the heat because of her hat...And what a cute hat, isn't she just darling??

Hubby went and watched a movie with guys at work. The ones he plays D&D here on thursdays. They decided they wanted to do something different this week and went to the movies 15 miles away LOL. I worked on her a bit last night and lots tonight so here she is, all starting to come alive! I just love love love her, she is so adorable, and I'm not even going to do any color conversion or changes because I think she is perfect the way she already is originally. I don't see her stitched up often, i wonder why? The very first time I saw her I knew i had to have her. I am glad I started her. What a lovely WIP she is. Ack!! Stop it myself, there you go again and your uncontrollable urges to have a baby girl!!! It's not time yet...Atleast until Connor goes to college. LOL

Well, that is all my for this week...Hope you all have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm staring at you...

Don't be creeped out, for the picture I am going to show you is indeed a little creepy. There is a face and a head that to my knowledge is cut off- half way. And it seemed to me like her neck is but floating...Viewer discretion is advised. LOL.

She is Gathering of Roses from Told in a Garden. I call her Rose girl, she is my entry to Enchanted Fabrics and Lavender and Lace contests. What a joy to stitch she is, completely refreshing compared to my still ongoing, and seemed like neverending WIP of Once Upon A Time. The symbols are so in-order, and there isn't very many color changes. She is such a sweet face. I am stitching her on EF evergreen monaco. And to be working on monaco again, i'm happy. I haven't got very much done, although the contest started Sept. 1, I haven't been very deligent as to working on it everyday. For a couple of days now, I am trying to rehash a vintage clothing I bought on ebay, a prairie dress, and I'm so inlove with it.

On sad news, it's our apartment's fault. My custom-family name finish broke. It fell off from where we hanged it. We really did not want to drive nails to the wall, so hubby and i bought one of those sticky things that was suppose to hold something for 5 lbs. I doubt the frame was that heavy, it really isn't, and the fact that i framed it myself, the only heavy thing in it is the glass. But the crappy sticky thing did not adhere very well i would say, the wall is textured, and it's probably just going to work very well on plain walls, air pockets? Who knows.

It's really making me sad. This happened like a few nights ago, and it's right now being placed in the storage so it won't break anymore, i know there is more broken glasses stuck inside, because I can hear it clanging when i try to shake it. It was so heartbreaking seeing it slid off the wall and then breaking onto the floor. I really need to fix it again soon. I'd have to find somewhere to be able to buy glass. I have missed it...Wouldn't you?

Thanks for visiting all.