Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Finishes for the year

I have 2 finishes to show off before the year 2008 says goodbye. I haven't set any stitching goals for next year, but "going to try" and finish OUAT is probably on top of the list. I haven't been feeling up to the top with my stitching mojo lately, but I am happy I made it to atleast 2 happy dances.

First off, my semi-HD a while back (last post), which tonight became a real full-blown HD. The Noah's Ark for baby by LA, all completed with the baby's information and also framed it with hubby's help tonight.

LA Noah's Ark for baby, on self dyed fabric

my ever so cute frame holder. lol

My next HD is a very very cute one, and I am so proud of it. Although I would humbly say that I have stalked for this OOP kit on ebay and won it for far too much money, $30 bucks, I am such a cheap ass person I wouldn't have bought it and pay for that much unless it's something I can't live without, in all honesty, turns out this one, I can't let go. I have seen some finishes over at 123stitch bb and I know I have fallen inlove. I kept telling myself "i have to have that for Connor's ornament this year" I showed it to my hubby and when i won it on ebay, he told me he will pay for it (aww, sweet), now I only get so much allowance every month and it doesn't even pay well enough for all the make up and clothes I shop for. Woman thing...You understand right? lol.

So without further yada...Cute ornie alert goes to a design by...

Bucilla ~ Santa and baby on 18 count metallic aida.

The original design had a blonde baby in it, so i modified it to fit Connor. =^-^=

Last post for the year, we will be heading down to Santa Maria for Christmas to spend with family.

I hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas and will always be blessed with family, love and happiness all through the coming years.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all my friends!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hectic...but we're sailing...

I had a dissapearing act for a while. It got so busy, and with the holidays fast approching, it's going to be even busier around here. A couple of weekends ago we went to visit hubby's uncle and his family up in Redding, I spent some time shopping with hubby's auntie who is also a filipina and from the same town I grew up in, she is a nurse and has been living here for 18 years. My family is also going to head down to Santa Maria for Thanksgiving. By then, plans for Christmas will be discussed. So yeah, It's so nice to know that the gas prices are getting better since long trips always require alot of gas. =^-^=

On better news, i did finish up my WIP, i was trying to finish it before we go down to Santa Maria, it isn't really officially done yet because I am still missing the birth information of the baby. I had called my friend but they won't be home for the long weekend so there is not point in bringing the cross stitch with me since I don't want to leave it outside of their house to sit for days.

This is Noah's Ark for baby by Leisure Arts. I had ommitted some things. I also dyed the piece of fabric myself. Stitched on 32 count jobelan. Thanks for looking.

Happy Thanksgiving To All. May you and your family be blessed all year.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Way too cute!!

She's all finished yay! I got to put in my last stitch on her last night. My goal for the EF and L&L bb contests are now fulfilled.

She's just way way wayyyyyyyy too cute for just a happy dance!!!

Design: Gathering of Roses by Told in a garden
Stitched on: Evergreen monaco by Enchanted Fabrics

So let's grab a microphone and sing as well.


"happy, happy. joy joy!"

I'm off to have a new start. TFL!

Friday, October 24, 2008

The plague began...

It's not raining men...and no halleluja's for me...

It's raining frogs..frogs..frogs...I know, it's the perfect time for them to visit...cauldrons, witches, brews...warts...but i would love to call them 'coco puffs'. LOL

Can i say...ewww?? I had to frog so much, you'd think I was still sane enough to decide to stitch Rose Girl with all the flowers around her...you remember my OUAT right? Worst flowers I have ever stitched!

See that? and how much I have finished? I was just about to have a happy dance that night, but unfortunately, i was not lucky enough to have one. I just realized both sides didn't match and somehow nothing adds up, I actually had hubby go over it for me, and he was the one who pointed out that the left side was off 3 blocks atleast. ickkk!!! Is it time for me to need glasses? I swear I can still see fine! So that night, like two nights ago, i decided to just frog the whole mistake. And i worked on the bottom part instead. It was faster, since very little colors are involved.

This is what she looks like right now...

She is going to be done soon. I can't wait to HD for her.

I have a new project waiting in line. I'm going to stitch Noah's Ark for baby by Leisure Arts for my friend's who had a baby last month. They are the people who I stitched this for. i think they have an animal themed room for the baby, and when i received their "thank you card" from the baby shower, it was noah's ark card. So i thought this one will be perfect. I ordered the chart off ebay and it hadn't arrive yet, however, here is a picture of the cover.

I'm going to stitch the main design but I will be eliminating the rainbow (it might be offensive) with giraffe part, and the wheels too, I am going to make an arch then continue the bottom of the boat so it will look like it's floating on water on my dyed fabric.

The other day, I dyed the piece I am going to use for this, and this is why I am so excited. It's a 32 count jobelan.

I can't wait to start, so i need to stitch faster...Connor got sick though so I will have to take it slowly this time...just a tad faster will do. hehe

I hope you all have a good weekend!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Some phat lewtz & my lil fashionista

Once upon a long time ago. I saw this finish of A Prince Is Born by Marie's garden/ Just Cross Stitch on a bulletin board. It was stitched on an opalescent fabric and I just fell off the moon and decided it was one of the cutest birth announcement chart I had ever seen. The day i saw it, i decided to look it up on ebay and I found one for $4, I told myself, I will get it soon, unfortunately I didn't catch it until the item ended. Of course it slipped off my mind, it was then all over online stores so i wasn't that worried that I won't ever get it. One day, it just became OOP :~( Then this was the time where i decided that I really need to add this to my collection, In August, i ordered it from Stitches N Things. A few days later I got my money back because they no longer have this in stock. And after that I saw that Stitching Bits and Bobs had a sale, and it was one of the items that was included, I felt super lucky! And i went ahead and ordered it. I even waited patiently although I know that i vowed I won't order from them again after my first and second try. But for the chart I wanted, hell! I'd wait for months!!! I kept tracking it, and it did not change status for a long time, says "on back order". So i finally dropped them an email and they refunded me my money the next day, which is good although It's so sad that they did not have the chart. When I thought I finally will get to keep it. =(

But to make this long vent story short, I finally got it! wooohoo! lucky lucky!!! I saw that Casa Cenina which is based in Italy has it listed on their online shop. I decided to write them an email and with wings on my feet, they informed me that they have this in stock!!! OMG! You don't know how exciting that news was! It made my day, week, months, years, lifetime of frustration LOL! i received this beauty last week. I did not mind paying much, I wanted it so bad! I even added a clearance chart that they had. What a lucky girl I am! yay! I am inlove with my mailbox already! LOL

Last weekend, I also found a gold mine! A supermarket with all kinds of filipino food. Sooo yummy! They even sell porks blood (for stew, unfortunately I don't know how to make it), liver, chicken feet ahhh so yummy, and some other stuff you don't wanna know LOL! and they have tons of different cuts of meat, like the one I bought which is pork belly that still has skin on it. It's going to be sooo delicious on the grill! Also next to the supermarket is 2 of the Philippines well-known resto. Red Ribbon Bakeshop to the right, that makes super cakes and snacks, and Chow King to the left, which is siopao heaven! OhhHHhh!!! Yum yum!

My now favorite store, only 18 mins away from our house!

Of course, I am not going to forget on Rose Girl's update. I got to stitch on her some, she is a cute little fashionista. I can't wait to stitch on her some more today. She is growing so fast...awww..Soon she will be every guy's fantasy. I just hope she won't be flapping her lashes at every guy that passes her by LOL.

crap nuts photo, my camera was dying.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did! <(=O_O=)>

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new PR freebie

Laura of Passione Ricamo is offering a new freebie. This is what it looks like.

Now this one looks very very beautiful and heartwarming, I am so touched by this design. The title is Devoted to Laurie (i don't know who she is but she must be one very special person).

You better go get it, she sometimes do freebies within time limits. It's soooo pretty!

Thank you Laura!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flowers for Mommy

Hehe. yeah right! Flowers for Mommy (me) from my 'imaginary' baby girl, who is currently and probably still swimming around hubby's scrotum. Bwahahahha.

I have stitched tons more. And she is looking gorgeous. Don't you agree?

Design: Gathering of Roses by Told in a Garden

Stitched on: Evergreen monaco by EF

I am planning to stitch more on her later, her dress is growing quickly and i love how dainty it is on her. She looks very pretty in it.

Thanks for looking and visiting everyone.

Monday, September 15, 2008

My baby turned 3!

Oh noesssss!!! hehe. Yesterday my baby turned 3! We went and drove down to Santa Maria saturday afternoon and spent the weekend over at MIL's. We all missed them, and they as well, it was so wonderful to be home with family again.

On our way to Santa Maria.

A home made cake for the birthday boy, by grandma.

goofing around with my auntie Kate.

me and SIL.

daddy is helping me open the gifts.

What's in there??

some more of my phat lewtz.

then we ate the cake.

and ice cream taste sweeter when grandma feeds 'em to me.

then Auntie Kate and Uncle Tyler wanted to see if i can keep them all in there. LOL

Then they wanted to play this domino game, but i am comfy here.

On our way home, we dropped by our friend's house who just had their first baby. Can you tell hubby is ready to have another one...? LOL

I got a balloon hat. LOL

What do you think? lolol

The friend's we visited who just had their first baby were the ones who I made this wedding piece by stoney creek. I finally got a photo of it framed, i did it myself but i forgot to snap it before i gave it away. So when we were at their house yesterday I asked if i could, and it was so surprising to see it hanged and having it's own wall in their bedroom right infront of their bed. =) So without further adieu here it is... (clickable for your viewing pleasure).

It was an odd-sized piece but i ordered a custom cut size of the frame from the local frame shop down in santa maria when we were still living there, and if i remember correctly, everything was around $22.50 which is a good bargain, wouldn't you agree? The frame is in silver tone. It really looks professional and i really love the way it came out.

Please allow me to greet my one and only sweet sweet babe.

Happy Birthday!!! I love you always and forever!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Because its still summertime...

The sun which i love is still here to stay for a couple more weeks atleast until Autumn kicks in, my Rose girl is now saved from the heat because of her hat...And what a cute hat, isn't she just darling??

Hubby went and watched a movie with guys at work. The ones he plays D&D here on thursdays. They decided they wanted to do something different this week and went to the movies 15 miles away LOL. I worked on her a bit last night and lots tonight so here she is, all starting to come alive! I just love love love her, she is so adorable, and I'm not even going to do any color conversion or changes because I think she is perfect the way she already is originally. I don't see her stitched up often, i wonder why? The very first time I saw her I knew i had to have her. I am glad I started her. What a lovely WIP she is. Ack!! Stop it myself, there you go again and your uncontrollable urges to have a baby girl!!! It's not time yet...Atleast until Connor goes to college. LOL

Well, that is all my for this week...Hope you all have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm staring at you...

Don't be creeped out, for the picture I am going to show you is indeed a little creepy. There is a face and a head that to my knowledge is cut off- half way. And it seemed to me like her neck is but floating...Viewer discretion is advised. LOL.

She is Gathering of Roses from Told in a Garden. I call her Rose girl, she is my entry to Enchanted Fabrics and Lavender and Lace contests. What a joy to stitch she is, completely refreshing compared to my still ongoing, and seemed like neverending WIP of Once Upon A Time. The symbols are so in-order, and there isn't very many color changes. She is such a sweet face. I am stitching her on EF evergreen monaco. And to be working on monaco again, i'm happy. I haven't got very much done, although the contest started Sept. 1, I haven't been very deligent as to working on it everyday. For a couple of days now, I am trying to rehash a vintage clothing I bought on ebay, a prairie dress, and I'm so inlove with it.

On sad news, it's our apartment's fault. My custom-family name finish broke. It fell off from where we hanged it. We really did not want to drive nails to the wall, so hubby and i bought one of those sticky things that was suppose to hold something for 5 lbs. I doubt the frame was that heavy, it really isn't, and the fact that i framed it myself, the only heavy thing in it is the glass. But the crappy sticky thing did not adhere very well i would say, the wall is textured, and it's probably just going to work very well on plain walls, air pockets? Who knows.

It's really making me sad. This happened like a few nights ago, and it's right now being placed in the storage so it won't break anymore, i know there is more broken glasses stuck inside, because I can hear it clanging when i try to shake it. It was so heartbreaking seeing it slid off the wall and then breaking onto the floor. I really need to fix it again soon. I'd have to find somewhere to be able to buy glass. I have missed it...Wouldn't you?

Thanks for visiting all.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Totally Big Surprise!!!

Today in my mailbox, a package came up. I did not order anything from Lori. So i was wondering what it was. I did remember Lori asked me to correct my address the other day through email as she was getting an error from my address, so i gave it to her and asked if i had ordered anything that i had forgotten, she did not reply back so I though it was just a glitch as i was a member of her EF delights from a long time ago. I haven't renewed...just yet...until atleast we are back on our toes from the moving expenses.

So anyways, I opened it up, there was a mini-card, It was so thoughtful to wish me another belated happy birthday and I am totally surprised to see it was from the lovely Mel. I never expected it and wow what a thoughtful gift!!!

I received Hocus Pocus from Enchanted Fabric

Thank you soooo much Mel, I really don't know what i did to deserve such a wonderful treat. =^-^=

My son stole the card as it has hearts and is colorful, he kept saying "harchs? (hearts)? harchs?" LOL

Thanks for stopping by. I am so lucky. I hope you are too!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another award

I got another award from my Sis Joei a few days back, i forgot about it! She mentioned on her blog that it's called "Arte y pico". In Spanish it literally means ART and TIP but from Nina's translation, it means "The Best Art". Yay! She dedicated the award to every blog she reads, without naming people. But i love it so much and because I am so shameless I asked her to nominate me, as in put my name on her blog as a nominee!! hahaha.

I said to her that i would love to have it posted on my sidebar as well. She granted my wish, and tada! I got the arte y pico award.

Thank you sis Joei, I am so happy and proud of this award. =^-^=

Okay now, i get my turn to nominate. And the rules say:

1) Choose 5 blogs deserving to receive the award (conception, creativity, interesting equipment and contributing to the community of bloggers whatever the language)
2) Every award must contain the link towards the blog of his author so that it can be visited.
3) Every winner must show the award-logo and put back the name and the link towards the blog that attributed it for her.
4) The winner must show the blog link the Arte y Pico.
5) To Post the rules.

The peeps who i would love to have this award is:
1. My dear Andie
2. Veronica
3. Jessie
4. Jenjen
5. Romantic Fool

Please forgive this shameless innocent for wanting to have this award. There are things I want and things i must have...after all I'm only human... *cries rainbows* LOL

Added: Also my beautiful friend Andie awarded this back to me. How sweet!!! (I didn't even have to beg to her, promise! LOL) Thank you Andie. You're a sweetheart. =^_^=

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Current progress

Here for your viewing pleasure is my PR- Once Upon A Time. The pita'est of all projects I have ever tackled! The other night I decided to frog the parts where blending filament K#032 was involved, it was just not to my liking, very little sparkle as i was only using one strand. I did however finish last night re-stitching up the parts i had frogged and used 1 strand of the dmc and 2, yes 2 BF to make it more blingy. And i think it's working well, you can't really see them in the picture, but they are there. =)

Over here you can see my last update.

Sadly, they are still amputee's LOLOL but I am working on getting them the other halves of their body. But i wanted to finish those pesky flowers and branch first, and i think I have them under control, there is more to come a somewhat grassy area where the bench was situated, but doesn't look as time consuming as the arch. I am getting tired of them, honestly, and i want to stitch on something different, they are really testing my patience but I think i have enough of it to atleast try work as much. I am so tempted to start like maybe another Mira, one of the couture fay's perhaps? or the Nimue fairy dust...The question is, What is a girl supposed to do? (i'll leave it unanswered for now...) hehe.

Thanks for visiting!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some lucky girl!!!

Been trying all day to post, my lap had been Connor's favorite place to spend all day, and everytime i touch the keyboard he'd pull my hand away. Thank God for toys & children's tv shows. I would have been stuck here not able to show off my new lovely stash to you. =^-^=

Yes, i am one lucky girl. Another giftie came from New Zealand yesterday. It was from my lovely friend Andie. She sent me a late birthday present of fabbies. I was so overwhelmed, I have missed receiving fabrics in the mail, and surely this one made my day! She sent me 2 pieces and they are both absolutely beautiful!

right: mithril by Country Stitch kiwi sparkles

left: Lilly Pond by Crossed Wing (my very first from CW)

Along with the beauties is a birthday card she handwritten for me. Awww, I felt so special. Thank you Andie, you are so sweet. You made me so happy!!! This should tide me over with my fabby addiction for a while, since we are still too poor to go subscribing or buying for stash. LOL. Wish come true!!!

Also, last week, another lucky girl haha. A friend who i met during that SF trip lived only an hour away from me, her hubby dropped her off to our house last sunday to spend time with me and i had promised her I will teach her to cross stitch. She is so inlove with the craft that she is actually stitching for days straight since I taught her, i know this because she hasn't came online to chat with me on the yahoo messenger, but made phone calls to ask and on the 3rd night came on to show me her progress. I am so happy to have taught her, she is also from the Philippines and she really could use the hobby as she also did not have so many friends that she can spend time with where she lives.

my lovely friend Juvelyn and her stash haul from mine LOL

She chose Panda baby by EMS for her first project, I had explained to her that backstitching comes after all the x's but said she forgot that i had told her, so anyways, i forgave her LOL, she is doing good for her first time. The panda's face is also crooked as she still gets a little hard time getting acquainted with the pattern, but no big deal, i had corrected her the other day and said she will frog it off and I made a drawing for her as to where she made the mistake. And I'm hoping that by next time she send me a picture of her wip that the panda baby won't look like he's suffering from mumps anymore.

I guess i lied about not buying stash LOL. A week or so ago, I fell inlove *starry starry eyed* I found the chart/charm kit on ebay for $3 shipping and all. Yay! My lucky star had been really shining on me. The seller even sent me extra 2 reels of kreinik BF that the design needs, which she mentioned in her auction that it was only for the chart/charm, but I guess she was pleased that i paid as soon as i bought and gave me the extra BF's. So another list to go on my "things to do before i die" list LOLOL.

I made a little progress on OUAT, but there is not so much yet worth taking a picture. I will try on my next post. So please keep checking (if you are still interested =] )

Thanks for coming by!!!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Birthday Extension

Yep, my birthday had been extended! So that means I am not one day older since June 25, LOL. I received the most thoughtful birthday gift the mail yesterday. It was from my no other Sis Joei who in so many ways makes alot of people around the world so happy with her creativity and generous heart.

I did not expect to receive her gift so soon, since I knew she has not been feeling well weeks ago. But yesterday after we came home from a birthday party, i really sensed something like i really should check the mailbox"curiosity". We haven't had anything in there except bills and some mails for hubby from the new job. So we usually just take a peek like 2x a week, if it ever happens!!! We are so new here that my fanmails hadn't been arriving yet hahaha j/k!!! Of course, i haven't been subscribing or ordering anything due to the fact that we are still trying to cope from moving expenses.

So long story short, i went to the mailbox and opened it, it looked cramped in there "what a miracle!" I thought to myself LOL. I grabbed the couple grocery ads and the renters insurance policy envelope and behind them all, like sunshine on a rainy day was a big brown envelope from sis Joei. I ran home, yes i did, and skipped like an eager child. I was just so happy, like a little girl from the candy store.
And now...pictures for you to drool upon. hek hek hek..

Here is my bday gift, a chart from WbtW that i like and a nicely packed something.

I took this one, beautiful isnt it?

Sis Joei, Thanks so much. I so love this, I don't know when i will use it yet, but I think it will come in handy for those trips we will make in Santa Maria, and I am sure there will be plenty. I feel so loved by you, maybe Eric will get jealous na. LOLOL.

Birthday ko uli sis, bukas hahaha. j/k

Thanks all for taking a peek.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awful!! Awful!!

Ladies and gents, please welcome my most awful finish of the year...Ugh! I'm totally complaining to myself and shamelessly posting this here... Seeing this is like adding salt to my breaking heart. But anyways, I have the thickest calloused face ever!!! LOL

Isn't it ever so disgusting!? I don't know what kind of holy spirit came over me and told me that I should stitch this piece out of the center!!! It does have about an inch and a half allowance to the top. Grrr!! I hate myself!!! I should have asked hubby to do the counting for me because God knows math isn't my forte. But it came out so bad like this, I feel soooooo mad. I showed it to hubby and he readily said "Just rip it out and stitch it again!?" w00t?! Nuh uh, not in a million years!!! I'll probably just even it out a bit, so that means cutting part of the excess at the bottom. The people I am giving this to is going to have it custom framed, so they can surround it with the baby pictures, and i doubt it will make a difference since most of the framers will probably glue it down to the mount board anyway.

Thanks for looking!!! =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not once..but twice!!!

I am so honored, two beautiful stitching blogger friends had awarded me. Thank you so much. What an honor. I appreciate it very much that you guys awarded me.

First "Kreative Blogger Award" from sis Joie

Now it's time for me to pick 5 based on the rules.

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.

2. Put a link to the person you got the award from.

3. Nominate 5 blogs.

4. Put links to the blogs.

5. Leave a message for your nominees.

Now i get to pick my 5 nominees:

My second award was from ver0nic@. It's A "Brilliante Weblog" award.

Ok, first off, the rules for this award,

1 Put the logo on your blog;

2 Add a link to the person who awarded you;

3 Nominate at least 7 other blogs;

4 Add links to those blogs on yours;

5 Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

And here are my nominees for this award.

  1. Abi
  2. JenJen
  3. Joyce
  4. Lyn
  5. Romantic Fool
  6. Sharon
  7. Sue

Thank you again for the award sis and ver0nic@. I truly appreciate it.

Have a good night everyone.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

To hell and back...

Can i say...looking for an apartment is hell? Going back and forth to the old town is hell. The gas prices have been hell. No internet or cable tv was hell. And sleeping on the floor is a complete "my back is killing me" hell! LOL. But the good news is, we finally found an apartment, been living in it for a week, it's pretty fine, and I love that we have our own washer/dryer so I did not have to brawl/badmouth/catfight with other tenants trying to wash clothes at some "laundry on site" service. Yay! It also has a/c. Pretty sweet. It's only a one bedroom place, but it's big enough for the 3 of us. And it was about $400 cheaper than the last one we looked at. I am also feeling very confident because we are living in the ground floor, so no stairs for Connor to deal with. And, they also accept dogs, so I didn't have to give up my beloved P-chan. By the way, after a night of sleeping on the floor since we didn't really have like a couch or anything big when we came up here cuz it wouldn't fit in our Montero/van/ SUV/ cart..whatever you call it... We went parading down at Costco and grabbed an air bed, one hubby swears is more comfy than a regular bed. Not so much for the action though LOLOL.

This place is pretty damn sweet. I love the varieties of just about everything. I still have to make plans of visiting any LNS's or two, someday!

Now, before i go on and update on stitching, let me just say that I haven't been very deligent lately. Honestly, there is more to see on my current wip, but I have worked on some parts before we moved up and just didn't have time to capture a photo, while prepping our stuffs for the big move. I am still working on the EMS oval birth announcement, but one day while moving hubby broke my ott-lite bulb, and to tell you honestly I cannot work without it, not that my eyes are bad. I still have 20/20 vision thanks God! But I aint working on aida anymore which has holes more visible than a window made of lattice bamboos LOL. So I have been slacking really bad, atleast until I get a new bulb replacement. I talked to the couple who I'm giving this to, and they totally understand that I have been going through alot lately and are not in a hurry for the sampler. They are really nice, I'm glad! So here she is, and this is my current progress. I finished the oval thingy, but i didn't want to re place the whole fabric back. But anyways, you get the idea. =)

As I said before, my interest in reading perked up again. I had mentioned that I started on Michael Crichton "A Case of Need". I got about a little before half point, but when we went to Costco I saw "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown. He happens to be one my favorite conspiracy authors, after I read the "Da Vinci Code" of his, I decided on a whim that I needed to hunt this prequel down. Nontheless, we came home and i couldn't wait to start it, it has only been a couple of days and I am way past the halfway mark. It's very interesting read. Not that I let it influence my beliefs and perceptions about my own religion. But i really love the plots and puzzles and secret organizations type stuff that is on his book. Pretty absorbing and unputdownable!

Looks like someone else is interested in reading conspiracy stories in this house other than me. =]

Now, I am on the hunt for "Das Perfume or Perfume: The story of a murderer" by Patrick Suskind. I wonder if i can handle that right now. But i hear it's really bizaare and twisted (he makes perfumes out of virgins) (O_0)

I haven't worked on my PR wedding piece lately. But soon...I hope.

Sorry this is long, I am also hoping to catch up on you guys blogs today. Finally, let me say...Having the internet is a bliss, I can live normally again. LOL (",)

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're Up North

Just dropping by to announce to the world that I am still alive and kicking =)

We started our journey towards the new town where hubby got his new job last Sunday night. We were staying at the motel 6, spending the most boring days of my life, with what seemed to me like they only have 5 freaking channels on the tv, it also seems like they have been doing Family Guy Marathon all day, everyday LOL (I have watched every episode a long time ago but don't mind reruns...but everyday reruns...ack!!). I didn't even get a single stitch in, I have been reading books, and just recently finished one I purchased at the grocery store called "The Last Mermaid" by Shana Abe. I love it. It was so romantic, mythical and timeless. I have currently started " A case of Need" by Michael Crichton. Last night we found out that the motel overbooked and we couldn't extend our stay which we planned was until saturday, but they had told us that we had to leave this afternoon. Bummer! So we did left early, I am right now at hubby's friend's house spending half the day until hubby gets out of work, thus i got to use the internet, wee! and then we will have to go to another motel Super 8, i think is what it was called. Hope this one is going to be so much better, with atleast 6 channels on tv LOL!

I love this town, it looks rather interesting, so many options especially food! So many asian resto's and grocery outlets. Lots and lots of shopping center and a tiny little shopping district with a plethora of boutiques, resto's, bookstores and who knows what else...?

We haven't found an apartment yet, it's so hard, since you can only view by appointment and usually their offices close at the same time hubby leaves for work =( We looked at a 1 bedroom/1 bath yesterday, but it was $1700 (no utilities included) worth of stash!!! So we are still searching...searching...I may even have to go back to Santa Maria by the weekend and spend the whole week down there so hubby can stay at his friends house without having to pay anymore for motel stays because it is truly expensive and it is draining our savings from his resignation which was suppose to go towards a deposit for an apartment rent. And then he can also look while staying at his friends without having to burn anymore $$$.

I have nothing to show today...so sad.

Vent over. =)

Hope you all have a great stitching weekend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Latest HD, A new start for a baby...sweeeeet!!

After what seemed like forever of back-stitching. Stoney Creek's are notorious for those. I had finished finally my wedding piece, the one i was making for a friend as my gift to her for being just...well, my friend. =)

This piece was...something...not only was the backstitching totally all over the place, the blending with kreinik's all over was challenging as well. I mean, Mirabilia's have blends, but its usually a mix of different ones like #4 braids or #8's. This one was mostly of blending filaments, so i cheated and used a bit of the RG PB01 on the borders, just cuz i didn't have enough to go around, was using the same thing for my PR OUAT, so I had to order more, but did not want to wait for my order to arrive. I used the BF's on both the birds though, and then a bit of ewww, yuck! DMC 282 (light gold metallic) for the rings back stitching. Whaaaat?! I totally dissed that, as i hate the dmc metallics, so i used something else that i have around. A #4 braid from kreinik that i thought is quite similar, as i was not ready to lose my mind, thank you very much! tee hee

Wedding Treasure by Stoney Creek

Once again, I made another new start. A family friend, who works with hubby had a baby girl last month. Yey!! I'm so jealous... But i have to restrain myself from that, I am not ready to have another bout of more sleepless nights yet...hehehe. They are the ones who were basically handing over their little boy's clothes to us. Their oldest son is only couple months older from Connor, so in the past 2.5 years, we only had to buy him 4-5 times new clothing, and that was if it was really necessary (like Darth Vader costume haha). I talked to them and asked if they would like a cross stitch piece for their new daughter as i had made one for their son before and the answer was "We would be honored." Don't you love it when people truly appreciates your hand-made gifts that's smothered with love before you even started it? Amazing!!!

Again, this is my own hand-dyed piece, I made it yesterday and totally colored our white sink red...So I quickly rinsed the sink out with bleach before hubby got home LOL. The fabby came out a little wilder than i anticipated, it's a monaco fabric after all, so I wasn't that shocked. I'm hoping the design would work itself out around it. I am trying to finish it quickly so I can give it to them before we move.

Animal Baby Oval Birth Announcement

Ellen Maurer Stroh

As to hubby news, yes he got the new job, wooohooo!!! Can't believe they offered him 60% more raise than what he is making now. Finally, he is getting what he deserves to be paid. He is to start on the 23rd, so we are anticipating to move out of town by the 21'st. We are still looking for a temporary place to move over there, since it's so far, it's impossible to just drive down and sign contracts, so far we can only find studio's that allow pets, and God knows I can't live without my P-chan. I have no problem with living in a studio or in the car LOL. But a studio probably won't let you stay if there is like 3 of you. So we will have to see how things will go. My birthday is also coming up and I don't have any plans on what i want or to do yet. Usually I go like "baby, I want a year's supply of FOTM." heheh

I know i have been bad with not updating my blog often. But as soon as we get settled in at where we are moving, I will try as much as i can to update.

Finally, I leave you with pictures of my son who like all of us, loves the wii fit. LOL

The sun salutation

Sporting in Wii Fit Yoga.

Thanks for taking a peek. May you all be blessed with stash, stash and more stash then more stitching time.