Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally! Finally! Finally!!

Finally! After 48 years LOL I finished the spring butterfly baby.

I am so thrilled because i started to hate her. It's just one of those designs that you think will finish up quick, but not in my case esp. since i was in a slump too. It really took a while to get it done. By the way, she was originally standing in a circle/oval of green (grass supposedly) but I wasn't so crazy about it, I think it looks awful, so i omitted that part and only stitched the flowers around her. Much much better!!

I also had S.E.X. (stash enhancement experience) today. Woohoo! It's very pretty. I ordered this from when Lori had her spring sale. It's Enchanted Fabrics summer glade on opal lugana. It just make me so happy because I was able to order it at the last minute due to the fact that at the beggining of each month is rent week and hubby told me to write him a note of reminder to make sure he could order it for me on the last day of sale which was on October 12th, and not not not to miss it!! It arrived today! Yey!!

So here is what I have been busy with lately. I have been trying to twink my toon out. She's mostly wearing blue and purple gear now. I have also gotten couple of 1337 (elite) enchants & stuff for her like major spellpower, and runic spellthread etc.

I'm so proud of her. =^-^=

This is me next to the pumpkin with my minion Shaathun.

And here is another one of me riding a magic broom. It's for Happy Hallows End celebration.

Hope everybody is well and are having a grand time stitching!! Thanks for visiting!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Spring Butterfly Baby

I have not abandoned my passion! No! no! no! Amids't the really bad slump, I tried to atleast keep myself afloat by doing this small design. As you can see, there is something wrong with this project!!! One should never force themselves to stitch when on a really bad bout of slump! LOL

The design did not stay in the center, can you see?? There is more space towards the right side. I started in the middle, crawling towards her head, but, God knows what happened, when i finished her head i realized that the stitches i did at the center (they were suppose to connect) had been an inch or two further than where they were supposed to be. I hope you know what i mean!!! So since her head was already finished, i went on and frogged those and moved the stitches that were supposed to be in the center (they aren't in the center anymore) Ugh!! malfunction! malfunction!!! O_o

I am hoping there will be enough space to the left for mounting and framing. That's my only wish..I will continue with her until she's done, and hope I did not succumbed myself into something where i would wish to rip it all apart. LOL

As to the fabbie, i dyed it myself, I am not so crazy about it. LOL (i'm not a pink or yellow/in the case yellow green person)And i had no hopes of dyeing another one. Hehe

Thank you for visiting. Have a lovely day!!