Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time for an Update!!

Hello all!! Hope you are all doing well. I haven't blogged for a while, and i admit I haven't really been stitching that much lately. However, I do have some updates and 2 framing HD's!!! Atleast I accomplished something while AWOL, aight?? hehe

First is the Spring Baby Butterfly by EMS, I picked up a ready to use frame at Michaels and surprisingly it fits although I used monaco fabric which is slightly thicker than most, even used the frame backing it came with, It's ready to go, for my god-daughter's birthday. It was very obvious that the baby was not centered, but I don't think it was that bad, I had to keep the child's name in the center after all...

This next one had been a framing HD for a while, I kept forgetting about it since i had to buy hooks to hang it. I purchased this super beautiful asian bamboo themed frame for $27 and it wasn't a standard size, it was 17x22 which was perfect for the piece, I bought it at this framing place in San Luis Obispo, they have ready made frames, hanging, you only need to purchase glass along with it, I saw this and i had to get it for the piece because it just fits, perfectly! I backed it with kraft paper (framing paper) and just added hooks for hanging it. Sorry this picture is washed out, today is very cloudy (probably from the wild fires) and the crap called "Vista" is not very user-friendly.

I'll need to catch up on reading your blogs, so please bear with me, I have been so busy lately, I had lost my 'wonder woman' touch LOL.

I'll end with trick or treat pictures...

Lord Vader getting ready to go..

Mommy all dressed up, finally got the chance to wear the yukata. woohoo!!

Trick or Treat!!

Here we are, going door to door (i got offered candy too LOL)

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!!


Andie said...

Love your framing happy dances! Lord Vader is SO super cute and so is his mommy!! :D And I thought you said you werent a pink girl LOL Yes the baby has turned!! YAY!! Bubs just needs to stay that way now :D *hugs*

Mel said...

I love the framing. You did a great job. I particularly like the bamboo themed frame. It fits with that design so perfectly.
Lord Vader looks so adorable. You both look very cute together.

Cheryl said...

You two look so great in your costumes!!
Your framed pieces look fab.

Joei said...

Wow, love the bamboo frame, it matches the design really well. Way to go sis on your 2 framing HD.

You look so lovely sis in that pink dress. And Connor is the cutest.

Carol said...

Beautiful framings!! Yay! And those are wonderful Halloween photos :-)

Sharon said...

You look beautiful in your yakata! You both look great and your framings came out lovely.

stitcherw said...

What gorgeous finishes both. Butterfly baby is so cute, and your bamboo one is just so elegant. Loved your Halloween pictures. Lord Vadar looks like he was having a wonderful time, what a cutie, and your yukata is fantastic.

stitcherw said...

Reading back through your earlier posts I noticed where you said you dyed the fabric for Butterfly yourself, it looks fantastic. The colors work wonderful with the pattern, congratulations on a lovely job.

Yuko said...

Oh wow, Noreen!
You are so beautiful in Yukata!
Like a doll, so lovely!!
And your sweet son is also lovely!!!
How many candies you've got anyway? LOL

Sachiko said...

The yukata matches well very much.