Monday, March 31, 2008

Proud Mommy & some updates

Very long post...So get your oxygen tank ready..

I am just so proud *big grin*. My son Connor never ceases to amaze us. When he turned 2, his grandma (my MIL) gave him one of those $5 magnetized writing board for his 2nd birthday, couple of weeks later he started writing ABC's and the numbers 1-10 on it. I thought it seemed pretty normal, until I noticed that even my nephew who was past 3 can't even write yet. While we were in the Philippines for our vacation, Connor started saying all the colors in the rainbow, simply from identifying them out of fruit loops. LOL. I was so impressed! And then we got home and a couple weeks later he started to count and write from 1-20. He also learned a few sign languages like please, thank you, help, sleep, eat, drink, mommy, daddy, hat, baby, shoes (he thought me how to sign shoes LOL), socks, potty and a couple others. Anyways, he used that board, and for being $5 it broke after a while, he got a new one and the other day he did this...

Big tada!!! How awesome, he wrote his own name! and then he would run his index finger over and pretend (?) to read and said "Coyer" (with silent 'r' hehe) he can't pronounce his name very well yet. Okay, he kept missing an 'O' but still, he's only 2 years and 6 months. Not bad!!! Maybe in a couple of months, he will start reading to me LOL and do a better job at reading than his mom! LOLOL. Just so proud I am!!! =^0^=

Now onto stitchy updates...

I owed a close friend in college a stitched piece, she asked me a long time ago when she moved to New Zealand to make her a pooh cross stitch, now that had been like 2 years ago, I'm so bad, that she stopped talking to me LOL. Recently, i talked to her again, and i told her that I have been trying to find a pooh design for her (I wanted to stitch one where I don't have to spend my whole life stitching it LOL). I went to my stash and i remembered I had 2 booklets one was of pooh baby designs and then this other one that I picked up from a yard sale. I decided to rechart that and I ended up with what is now a wedding announcement for my dear friend (who got upset LOL). The fabric was a RAK from my friend Ericille, it was a one of a kind lavender fields from stab & stash. Thanks Ericille.

I also have a picture update of OUAT, can you see how i modified her again to suit my taste? Now, what the hell is this? (encircled in red) I know it's part of her dress but i think it makes it look so busy on the right side, with her wings and all...I can't help but think...tentacles!!! So i continued her arms, and hair and will be eliminating that part of her dress because i don't see why it should be there. There will prolly be a change or two coming soon, her necklace just looks wrong to me, an inverted cross??? I'll have to fix that one as well...creeping me out!!! LOL
Here is not much of an update piccy:
Whew! That was a long one, literally took me a long time to write, so sorry for the novel, but I haven't updated in a while and had so much to blah about. hehehe. I hope you are still breathing!!! j/k!

Thanks for coming down and visiting. Hope you have a nice day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Funny story

I had a really funny experience yesterday, being hubby's 28th birthday, I asked if we could all parade to Cold Stone ice cream shoppe, it's my fave, it's quite expensive though and it's erected over at the other side of town, so it's really special for me. So anyways, we all started hitting the car, but realized we locked the keys inside the house!!! I didn't even carry with me my ever so reliable diaper bag that contains the spare key argh!!! I left the keys on top of the dresser after we got home from spending easter at MIL's. So we were stumped. I said, let's go to the backyard and maybe i could fit through the doggy door, LOL! we have a cat, and a miniature poodle by the way, so you can imagine how big a door that would be. I tried to squeeze in there while hubby was getting frustrated about how to get in. My shoulder wouldn't fit, i said "i don't think i can fit!" and hubby said "one shoulder at a time baby." I said, "i can't..." but then he said "get out and let's just walk to the mall." haha fat chance, like i would walk all the way to the mall. So i squeezed myself in harder, and yes! I got half my body through, now my hips are stuck! I said, "my hips, I can't get out!!!" (Thank's to pregnancy!) LOLOL Hubby said "haha, do you need me to push you?" So he put Connor down as he was holding him the whole time as our backyard, i think is a land mine LOL, i catch all types of allergies there. So hubby put Connor down and started pushing at my legs, and thank God, Jesus, flying spaghetti monster I fell in, and crawled my way in and up and opened the front door. Then we grabbed the keys, and went happily following the yellow brick road LOL. Hubby said "now, we know a 5th grader can come in and steal our stuff" and i said "we know now what to do everytime we lock our keys in haha." and he said "well, that was really funny, but it would have been funnier if you were stuck there, i would have to call 911." Hahaha. I was wearing pencil skirt too!!! By the way the opening of the doggy door measured 7x12 inches. LOL. I probably would have just slipped through the doggy door before I had a baby, i was the size of a skewer LOL But anything i can do, just for a bowl of ice cream!!! (i know you can relate. hehehe)

The doggy door to salvation! LOL

Oh, I am also happy to report that I placed an order for a silkweaver grab bag when i had the chance. They sell like hot cakes, anyways, i received them last saturday and boy, I couldn't be happier, they are all gorgeous, although the biggest size was 13x18, and most are odds but what better way to add to my small collection.

Ain't they all gorgeous? Love 'em!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my framed Nimue design, I totally adore it. And I'm happy to know that others think it's wonderful as well.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Framed & Hanged

I finally decided to frame my Nimue's La Balancoire. Hubby and i visited for the first time a local framer shop last weekend, they have a nice selection of ready to use frames and the prices aren't going to break the bank either. I got this 9x12 frame for $21.95 (awesome! even cheaper than Michael's!) and the glass was like 85 cents!!! I think I found a new shop worth driving for. It is not that far either. It's at the end of town, so it's not that bad.

I present to you...(drum roll)

I just love the frame and it fits the design perfectly, It has a rustic look to it, well sort of. I just love love love the way it came out. I am so happy!!! *jump jump* Hubby and i finished framing this last night just for that "instant gratification" feeling LOL. Here is a close up photo of the frame.

Have a happy Easter everyone. and TFL!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

WIP progress and changes...

I have been happily stitching away on OUAT. I have already stitched a little bit of her blue dress as you can see here. There are symbols that are confusing (e.g. an area surrounding with "m" symbol and some "m" doesn't look like it at all, it looks retarded, or symbols that are printed only half way, and i can't tell exactly whether they are the same as the surrounding area or a different one that i can't find on the guide) so I asked hubby to look for a big finished picture for me so I can see what color etc. and he did find a big finished picture for me on webshots and said, "Are you sure about the color of her dress?" I was like "..." and he said "I'm not so sure i like that color, but she looked like a bride holding a bouquet, why not change it to white?" And in an instant i went pulling out my DMC color card and matched up whites with the older color, i really love it when hubby says something about my projects, It makes me feel like he is involved LOL. And so I went ahead and frogged the old blues and started with the whites, I love how it's looking so far, and I haven't been feeling "burned out" yet... LOL

The prince's shirt was as i had originally planned, hubby's fave color is green, I also converted the prince's hair. If something has to hang in my house, it should look like the people living in it, yeah? hehehe..

And now...Picture...


Saturday, March 08, 2008

Cute mini HD!

I finished the birthday gift for my friend's daughter. This is the blue ballerina from DMC, but the little girl said she likes purple and pink, so i converted her tutu (correct?) to purple, i used beads in place of french knots, which i know will come out horribly!!. Also converted her hair to match hers, she is a Fil-Am (Filipino-American). Fabric is dyed by me, and the frame is glorious! I went to Michael's with hubby and my son last night and found this frame for $6.99! I came home with 2!!! Not only was it cheap, it was also deep enough to accomodate the mounted piece, since most ready-made frames are only capable of fitting a picture, this one was just perfect! I did not even have to go through the whole 'discard backing and replace it with kraft paper, and then dragging out hubby's hammer and nail a hanger for it'. It was a piece of cake!

I have been stitching again on OUAT, will post updates later since there isn't very much to see, I have decided to convert the fairy's dress this time to white, so I have been frogging what was already there, and i had to order the materials needed for my conversion. I'm hoping it will look awesome once done.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! Have a lovely day!