Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lovely surprise!!

Today the mailman brought me a lovely surprise from none other than my sweet sis Joei. She never mentioned to me that there is something on the way, and so i was wondering what the package in the mailbox was. I took it inside, and I opened it, I saw a pattern!!! *blush* I have been wanting this design for a while. It's Becky's Garden by Whispered by the Wind. How thoughtful!! There was also a card and something wrapped nicely in red. =^-^=

Sure enough there is one of her very artsy creations. A beautiful pinkeep, with such bright lovely colors. I love it. Please forgive the photo capturing abilities of mine today, It had been cloudy/raining for the past week.

And a very heartwarming christmas card.

I too, sis, am glad...that I got to know you... Thank you... *^_^*


Sachiko said...

Wow!!Lovely surprise!!!
I also know her. Her stitch is wonderful, and she is gentle.
Great Christmas Gifts!!

Elisabeth said...

That is a lovely design - lucky you!

Joei said...

Merry Christmas sis!!
I intended not to say anything about it, you know I love surprises. The moment you told me about that WBTW Becky's Garden, hinanap ko agad yan sa fav online shop ko dito. But then it took a while to get it, kasi she ordered it pa.
Enjoy sis!

Mel said...

What a nice suprise. It's lovely and so is the card.

stitcherw said...

What a lovely surprise to get. The pattern is so pretty and her stitching is lovely.

Carol said...

Lucky you!!! Merry Christmas!

Andie said...

I've been missing your updates!

~~~***HAPPY NEW YEAR***~~~


Joei said...

Nasa Pinas ka na ba sis?
Happy 2008!!
Luv yah!