Saturday, August 11, 2007

My Other WIP

Thought I'd take a picture of my current/focus WIP. It is the wedding sampler for my bestfriend who lives in Japan. I thought I could redo the Sue Hillis piece I had just recently finished, but twice or more in a row *sigh*... proves I don't know my taste that well. LOL

Anyways, I designed this piece myself, I went around looking for a piece that would suit the couple, since they live in japan, and my bestfriend's husband is japanese, I had wanted to find one that had atleast some kanji wording in it. Couldn't find one so I made one. The kanji on this says "Love"...eventually when it's done it will say Love is you and me together, forever... But i haven't got much time to stitch alot lately. Life happens! (",)

Since they have a gold motiff during their wedding, most of this will be in mono-gold. But i will be adding a little bit of color and contrast since it really needs to have it! By the way, my fabric is a gorgeous piece from Mindy, SMF shimmering jelly bean cashel. Gorgeous fabby!

Hope everyone have a great weekend. (o^-^o)


Itching To Stitch said...

What a lovely wedding piece. That fabric is gorgeous ;)

Carol said...

What a brave endeavor - looks great so far!

Mel said...

It looks really lovely so far. I love the fabby!

Andie said...

Lovely as usual! Can't wait to see you finish it :) *hugs*

stitcherw said...

It is looking lovely. That would be quite a challenge charting out the wording, I'll love seeing it as you progress. Also, the clips on the side to help hold the fabric tight are a great idea. My Flower Dragon piece is on scroll rods due to its size and it sags a bit in the middle, I'm going to try the clip idea.

Cheryl said...

OOh, so pretty. What lovely fabric