Thursday, September 13, 2007

My bestfriend...Framed!!!

Naw, not that kind of 'framed'...You have such a dirty mind. You need to wash it with holy water!! LOL

I finally got to framing this, I chose classic black, yes favorite color!!! I think it came out very beautifully! You can't go wrong with black and all that gold, I really think it gave the piece more of that Oomph!

She already saw the finished design, because she wouldn't stop asking me for a picture LOL. And she made me post it under the comment section of her friendster (kinda like myspace) page! Talk about overly excited haha. I am very happy by her response though, It really paid off all that hardwork. =) I just love her to death, she is my adopted sister and it's like our intestines are connected to each other LOL.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures are left behind in the Phils. and I only have those that have been saved on the computer. We've known each other since high school.

Here is us when we were still snotty little bitches (16 y.o. college freshmen note: the bobble heads LOLOL and me needing to get to know the tweezers for my eyebrows!! =D)

And then the last picture we have together 2 mos. before I left for the U.S. (my 23rd b-day)

On other report, i hate the clover wonder knitter! It did not do exactly as i wanted, and yeah ignorant me thought you actually just keep spinning and it would weave by itself (omg! don't think i have no IQ!) LOL. I actually always think that half my brain got washed away by the time i gave birth to my son. hahaha. If you want something that will do cordings for ornaments, definately not that! Now, i don't know what to do with the one I have, but maybe...just maybe I will be crazy enough to touch that thing again! I bought a hair braider that afternoon i tried to work with that! Hubby's suggestion!

And on one other note...I can't believe my baby Connor is turning 2 tomorrow, yes 2!!! Where have all the days gone??? One day he was just helpless..laying there in his crib or cradle waiting only to be held and fed...and now...he's going to be officialy 'terrible two!?' Does this qualify me for a senior citizen discount already? >.>

Have a lovely day everyone!!!


Jenny said...

Hi Noreen - didn't know you had a blog - will have to add your link to mine. :) Great job on the friendship piece - such a nice thing to give to a friend. Also, you think you feel old with your little one turning 2? My oldest just turned 12! Yikes, I am so not ready for the teen years...

Sharon said...

Fab framing! Congrats.

Joei said...

Happy birthday to cutiepie Connor! If you're old, then what am I.... in my second childhood?! LOL!!!

Congrats on your framing HD.

Nice pic, you are so slim, beautiful and sexy.

Have a nice day sis, muaahhh!

Chiloe said...

Congratulation on your framing piece !!!

Carol said...

The framing is just perfect! Congratulations!!

Cheryl said...

Looks great framed.
Great pictures of you and your friend!
Happy birthday to Connor!

stitcherw said...

Time sure does fly, have fun with the 2's they certainly are interesting. :) My DD is 24 now and I still don't know where the time went.

Your framing choice of the black looks great, it really does look elegant and set of the other coloring so well.