Friday, March 30, 2007

Hip hip Hurray!

I had just finished stitching SSM today, I was lucky that it was also immunization day, so my little family went to Walgreens to get some fresh batteries for our camera. I was then able to take a picture of her as soon as she left the scroll. She is being stitched on 28 count evenweave opalescent SOLO from Silkweaver. I just love love love her! She is one of my favorites for this year. I feel very happy that I have finally finished her. I thought those beads would never end!!

Here she is in all her glory...

I could have stitched the begining of her tail with metallics, but I thought the beads gave her a sort of 'retro' look, like a belt. And we all know how it is the fashion statement these days. hehe

I need to fix my rechart, and transfer my scribbles onto it before I could share it to anyone who wants it, I made a couple of color changes on her so that her skin doesn't looked like it was mixed up with her tail.

Thanks for lookin' =)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I dyed me flossy

I can't find the right hand-dyed floss color to use for my other current WIP. So I made my own...

This are just the standard white dmc floss. The red one is going to be used for the setting sun on the design. while the 2 green ones are going to be used for the bamboo. I am not sure yet if i want to convert the whole chart, but i am also planning to sub the calligraphy from standard floss to kreinik. I think a little bling-bling on that won't be too bad.

I started the WIP last night, and filled in a leaf of the bamboo's but it seemed like i need to frog the whole thing and start over. Here is a picture of the design. This is by the way just the sample picture. And does not exactly look like it calligraphy-wise. This is a custom-made design of our family name "Pritchard Family." is what it says.

But before stitching, laundry first...I hear them banging from inside the washing machine, and complaining about how they need to go to the drier now. LOL

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Sweet Caroline...I meant Carolyn (that song is stuck in my head) LOL asked me to show my WIP of SSM. I thought I'd update my blog as she is an entry worth wasting my time for. hehe

She's stitched on 28 count solo opal lugana from SW. I have mentioned this before..I think? I really love this fabby because the top is light colored and it suddenly went darker downwards like you know...under the sea! Anyways, I still have way more to go. I actually frogged her body once because the first time she came out with abnormally long torso, that hubby commented, if she did not have a'll see something else that's not suppose to be there LOL so i went ahead and frogged her body and moved her tail upwards a little bit. She is very skinny, but i think once she's filled in with those beads she won't be looking strange anymore...I hope! She likes to eat sea-weeds LOL.

I got to stitch more on her last night so I got more of her tail done..I also eliminated her 'tendrils..or tentacles' whatever they were cuz then she would end up looking like an octupos, not very pretty.

I am hoping to work on her more, time and my baby permits me. I actually am excited to get her finished. By then, I would be very sure to share my conversion, I can't gamble as of now yet, I wasn't born to ruin ones project. hehehe

Have a good 'un.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Dances!!

I have Happy Dances currently going on...I'm still shaking my booty from all that i have accomplished.

First off, I would like to Thank my beautiful friend Sara (saranne, saranne6) for sending me this lovely fairy bag. It's very handy for going to the park whenever my son decides he wants to go feed the ducks.

I finally finished this birth sampler for my japanese goddaughter Maiko-chan. This must be the worst Mirabilia pattern I have ever stitched. There was absolutely no way to get away from those confetti stitches on both sides, i was so close to trashing it and make another one of different design. Oh, for the love of God!!! I was about to lose my mind!!! *runs around screaming* lol but thankfully i have regained my sanity, now that i see it all finished. ;) I forgot to mention that the fabby was 28 count Blue Ice from country stitch, it was a RAK gift from beautiful Andrea aka stitchitandie. Thanks Andrea, the fabby was one of the reason why I pursued on this design..=)

Now she is ready for lacing/framing and off to Japan she will go!

Did i mention that this must be one of my most horrible backs?? I could not help it, i just had to drag all that thread and pull them, i just did not care anymore, I probably would have done it still, no matter how many miles away it needs to go to complete another single stitch... *sigh face*

Que horror!

By the way, here is a picture of cutie pie Maiko. The birth sampler is for her. =)

Oh oh, and then I will never forget to mention my World of Warcraft toon, I finally reached max level 70 woooo hooo!!! I
played her everyday spending my rested periods, and did gain
level fast.
Now I am happily mounting the newest released flying mounts. I got the snowy griffon, it's just the basic, I can't afford the epic mounts as of the moment...But hey who am i to complain? It flies...No more getting ganked by a whole buttloads of mobs trying to complete a certain quest, after all i rode my felsteed up until I was level 69.

I also cannot believe i found this gear, it had this thing in the back that looked like a playboy bunny tattoo, just like i do IRL, plus it's so hot and sexy and a rare item at that!

Weeeee...I'm so proud of her!!!