Monday, August 25, 2008

Totally Big Surprise!!!

Today in my mailbox, a package came up. I did not order anything from Lori. So i was wondering what it was. I did remember Lori asked me to correct my address the other day through email as she was getting an error from my address, so i gave it to her and asked if i had ordered anything that i had forgotten, she did not reply back so I though it was just a glitch as i was a member of her EF delights from a long time ago. I haven't renewed...just yet...until atleast we are back on our toes from the moving expenses.

So anyways, I opened it up, there was a mini-card, It was so thoughtful to wish me another belated happy birthday and I am totally surprised to see it was from the lovely Mel. I never expected it and wow what a thoughtful gift!!!

I received Hocus Pocus from Enchanted Fabric

Thank you soooo much Mel, I really don't know what i did to deserve such a wonderful treat. =^-^=

My son stole the card as it has hearts and is colorful, he kept saying "harchs? (hearts)? harchs?" LOL

Thanks for stopping by. I am so lucky. I hope you are too!!!


Andie said...

Oh thats gorgeous!! *hugs*

The Euphoric Stitcher said...

What a wonderful surprise!!

Joei said...

What a lovely surprise. You absolutely deserve it sis.

Romantic Fool said...

I'm envious! That is really a pretty color for fabric. What will you stitch on it!?

Lisa said...

That sounds exactly like something my son would do. Keep an eye out for his "Stash room"; you won't believe what you'll end up finding,