Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm staring at you...

Don't be creeped out, for the picture I am going to show you is indeed a little creepy. There is a face and a head that to my knowledge is cut off- half way. And it seemed to me like her neck is but floating...Viewer discretion is advised. LOL.

She is Gathering of Roses from Told in a Garden. I call her Rose girl, she is my entry to Enchanted Fabrics and Lavender and Lace contests. What a joy to stitch she is, completely refreshing compared to my still ongoing, and seemed like neverending WIP of Once Upon A Time. The symbols are so in-order, and there isn't very many color changes. She is such a sweet face. I am stitching her on EF evergreen monaco. And to be working on monaco again, i'm happy. I haven't got very much done, although the contest started Sept. 1, I haven't been very deligent as to working on it everyday. For a couple of days now, I am trying to rehash a vintage clothing I bought on ebay, a prairie dress, and I'm so inlove with it.

On sad news, it's our apartment's fault. My custom-family name finish broke. It fell off from where we hanged it. We really did not want to drive nails to the wall, so hubby and i bought one of those sticky things that was suppose to hold something for 5 lbs. I doubt the frame was that heavy, it really isn't, and the fact that i framed it myself, the only heavy thing in it is the glass. But the crappy sticky thing did not adhere very well i would say, the wall is textured, and it's probably just going to work very well on plain walls, air pockets? Who knows.

It's really making me sad. This happened like a few nights ago, and it's right now being placed in the storage so it won't break anymore, i know there is more broken glasses stuck inside, because I can hear it clanging when i try to shake it. It was so heartbreaking seeing it slid off the wall and then breaking onto the floor. I really need to fix it again soon. I'd have to find somewhere to be able to buy glass. I have missed it...Wouldn't you?

Thanks for visiting all.


Mel said...

The L&L WIP looks great!
I love the fabby!
I am sorry that your custom family name broke. I don't think those sticky things are too good on textured walls. We have used them on smooth ones with no problem but when we had our house in Kelmscott we had textured walls and screws were the best thing to use to hang pictures up. We had a lovely poster framed that is no longer in print and it broke but the glass ripped the poster. It was DH's and he was pretty sad about that. If we need replacement glass we just go to any picture framing shop or look for a glacier and they can cut to size pretty cheaply.

Andie said...

Love your L&L wip! The fabbie colour is gorgeous! I am so sorry to see and hear that your piece broke!! Mel means a glazier :) A glacier would be pretty darn cold! :D LOL

Joei said...

Lovely L&L Wip. The fabby's color is just so nice, I like it.

Sorry about the broken framed custom family name. If you cannot find replacement glass, get a new frame and re-do it.

Kaloka yung isa na yun. Kung ikaw ba, kapag sinabi sa yo na regalo o bigay ng kaibigan ang chart na yun, maiisip mo ba na baka ibenta nya. Siguro ginagawa nya yun, regalo sa kanya at pag tapos na nya binebenta nya, hehehe. Ang bad naman nun.

Romantic Fool said...

I can't wait to see more on the Rose Girl. Keep it up!