Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some lucky girl!!!

Been trying all day to post, my lap had been Connor's favorite place to spend all day, and everytime i touch the keyboard he'd pull my hand away. Thank God for toys & children's tv shows. I would have been stuck here not able to show off my new lovely stash to you. =^-^=

Yes, i am one lucky girl. Another giftie came from New Zealand yesterday. It was from my lovely friend Andie. She sent me a late birthday present of fabbies. I was so overwhelmed, I have missed receiving fabrics in the mail, and surely this one made my day! She sent me 2 pieces and they are both absolutely beautiful!

right: mithril by Country Stitch kiwi sparkles
left: Lilly Pond by Crossed Wing (my very first from CW)

Along with the beauties is a birthday card she handwritten for me. Awww, I felt so special. Thank you Andie, you are so sweet. You made me so happy!!! This should tide me over with my fabby addiction for a while, since we are still too poor to go subscribing or buying for stash. LOL. Wish come true!!!

Also, last week, another lucky girl haha. A friend who i met during that SF trip lived only an hour away from me, her hubby dropped her off to our house last sunday to spend time with me and i had promised her I will teach her to cross stitch. She is so inlove with the craft that she is actually stitching for days straight since I taught her, i know this because she hasn't came online to chat with me on the yahoo messenger, but made phone calls to ask and on the 3rd night came on to show me her progress. I am so happy to have taught her, she is also from the Philippines and she really could use the hobby as she also did not have so many friends that she can spend time with where she lives.

my lovely friend Juvelyn and her stash haul from mine LOL

She chose Panda baby by EMS for her first project, I had explained to her that backstitching comes after all the x's but said she forgot that i had told her, so anyways, i forgave her LOL, she is doing good for her first time. The panda's face is also crooked as she still gets a little hard time getting acquainted with the pattern, but no big deal, i had corrected her the other day and said she will frog it off and I made a drawing for her as to where she made the mistake. And I'm hoping that by next time she send me a picture of her wip that the panda baby won't look like he's suffering from mumps anymore.

I guess i lied about not buying stash LOL. A week or so ago, I fell inlove *starry starry eyed* I found the chart/charm kit on ebay for $3 shipping and all. Yay! My lucky star had been really shining on me. The seller even sent me extra 2 reels of kreinik BF that the design needs, which she mentioned in her auction that it was only for the chart/charm, but I guess she was pleased that i paid as soon as i bought and gave me the extra BF's. So another list to go on my "things to do before i die" list LOLOL.

I made a little progress on OUAT, but there is not so much yet worth taking a picture. I will try on my next post. So please keep checking (if you are still interested =] )

Thanks for coming by!!!


Mel said...

Love the fabbies Noreen. Your friends panda looks great so far.

Cindy said...

Nice fabrics that you have gotten from your friend. I saw a cute little hand by the side of the fabrics....must be connor's little hand..so cute..

Andie said...

So glad you like them Noreen *hugs* Your friends stitching looks great! Good on you for sharing the addiction :D

Joei said...

Lovely fabbies.
Oh, another addict in a making teacher Noreen, lol! Glad that you are doing well in your new place and getting along with some pinays. It sure feels like your home in Phils and not so much of homesick.

Btw, we will not be moving any time soon. We decided to do it next year as it is untimely if we do so this year as we will be spending the holidays in Phils (mga 3 wks to a month kami nandun). Masyado namang ngarag ang beauty ko if ever, da ba. Ako kasi ang stress out galore sa move move na yan, OC-OC kasi sis mo, hehehe.

Sharon said...

Great fabric! How wonderful that you taught your friend-isn't it great to share this great craft?

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice stash and it's always nice to make new friens ;)