Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Peter Griffin...Family Guy

One of my college buddies left me a message, wouldn't you know it, I have a vulture behind my back, a fan club, a stalker? bwehehe...Anyways, she's let it pass on friendster (like myspace) as my profile here is identical to the one i have there, basically I just copy and pasted, I'm lazy sometimes...but i always clean me house..hey!!

So she was asking, who the hell is peter griffin?? under "favorite songs - milkshake by peter griffin" I had no idea it had bugged her so bad, she had to finally ask me and to show her...Well, alrighty, now i have to figure out how to embed a video, wish granted so you can rest in peace! j/k!

=video expired!=

So there you go...that's like my fave song, but only by peter griffin, he's the coolest guy ever!!...How'd ya like that..huh!? huh!?

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Autumn said...

They play that on Cartoon Network really late at night. It always makes me laugh