Friday, October 27, 2006


So, i made hubby take a day off...I had to throw a bit of "I'm" thing when we woke up this morning, i had asked him to take the day off so he could drive me down to the local LNS an hour away. He refused to take the day off, said he had some stuff to finish at work...But when i got upset he called work and reported he may not be able to make it to work today *evil grin*.

We drove down to Solvang, i was expecting they will have what i wanted, the PR enchanted fairy...And..and..and...they did not!!!!! I was broken hearted, how dare life be unfair! LOL

There was nothing i could do, even if i turn the shopkeeper upside down and shake him, no enchanted fairy would come out off of him, maybe a jingle...but no fairy!! grrr!! We went home and all i got was a couple packs of needles, since i had LoRan needle threader, i can't seem to have enough needles, this nifty thing..this...All cross stitcher should have 1, i have been cross stitching for years and i can't quite fathom how i had survived all this time not having this awesome equipment. I love it! If you don't already have it, you have got to get it...

Bottomline is...we still drove down an hour away, wasted gas..and no enchanted fairy in my stash! =(


Andie said...

{{{HUGS}}}} Noreen!!

That is so unfair!! Maybe you should have given him a bit of a smack up the side of the head for being such a disappointing shopkeeper?!! LOL

Hope you had a nice outing with hubby anyway!! Isn't he a sweetie for taking you out?! Sounds like true love! :)

J said...

Awwwwh Noreen. Blah. :( Can you call ahead next time to make sure they have it or have them put it aside for you?