Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Adventure!

MY little muffin had a blast last night, it was his first halloween trick or treat adventure. He had a costume his grandma bought for him when he turned one and he wore it for the first time last night. I had never tried this dress-up thingy ever, we don't celebrate halloween where i came from. Instead, we call it All soul's day & All saint's day, one can't be without the other. We don't dress up, we do offerings, say prayers and some sleep in the cemetery to be with the departed loved ones...

My little super baby did enjoy his night out, we were knocking on doors and he was always surprised to see someone opening it and handing him candy, and then he gives it back, and we all end up laughing!!

I thought of putting on a costume, i have a schoolgirl outfit with net stockings, actually I just happened to have them around LOL (I got a little skirt that is plaid, the blouse and tie was one from when i was in college during my practicum, and i have those schoolgirl shoes with heels because we always wear uniform where i went to school at, but not the skimpy kind.) I put all of them together and i ended up with an adult costume. I tried it on and it seemed too chilly outside for me to tolerate with wearing so little. Maybe next year I will dress up, I need to find something that will keep me warm...I should have brought my wedding gown LOL!

Here is a picture of my SIL & her friend with my son, SIL was the pirate one, and her friend is a witch, with superbaby of course, really weird combo heheh. Halloween is soo much fun, I wish we had it where i came from when i was still young, it would be soo much fun to spend with your friends...

I think i should say an update of my wip, it is coming along well, I have a bit more done, I will update later on with a picture when it looks more than fabric. =)

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J said...

Too cute, too cute!! I know what you mean about Halloween at home. It's non existent back home too.