Monday, November 06, 2006

WIPS Galore!!!

I decided to take pictures of my WIP's. I don't usually, I feel it takes away precious stitching time. =D. But a friend at hubby's work wanted to see a wip of the birth announcement i am stitching for her DGD, so why not take 'em all?? *wink* *wink*.

First off, is the TIAG-baby in a basket stitched on 32 ct. belfast linen (my first linen project)...I converted the baby's blanket to pale pinks, I feel the white was too neat, and pale pink should match no matter what their baby furnishing colors are, I'm almost there, I have been working on this on and off for weeks now, i don't know exactly how many..but weeks...

Second one is a kit I have won on ebay. It's by Lanarte, there was no title but it says
'lifestyle collection'. It's stitched on 28 ct. EF prairie skies. I work on this while my son is up and about, because it's small it's very easy for me to put it aside before he smudges it with his hand prints!! =)

This is the Lanarte piece i was mounting for 2 days straight. As i mentioned before it was so damn difficult, LOL, but i got it done, woo hoo!! Did i do a good job Andie?? I hope so, I get a star stamped, yah?? Thank you for your encouragements by the way, you are such a lovely person, and despite the fact that this was hard, and actually hurt my hands, I think i passed! A+? pretty please? (with cherry on top!)...I used denim thread on this lacing job, I sure hope its durable enough...

Here it is infront...It will remain a wip until i pick up a frame and stick it in there...Splat! This is for my ob gynecologist, who after my son had started to walk still hadn't received their picture together...So I am sticking that picture in that square! That's more than a year of excuse, and i hope this cross stitch will makeup for it! He's probably ran out of bulletin board space for their picture anyway, so why not make one where it will have its own space in his office...*grin*

That is all the galore's for now...I hope the next time it will say "shopping galore!" bweheheh


J said...

Noreen, what a busy bee you are!! I wish I had all that time to stitch like you do. Maybe you should have another baby. ;)

The WIPs are gorgeous!! Yummy, yummy, YUMMY!!

Andie said...

Noreen!!!! You get an AWESOME!!!!! AAA+++ for your lacing!! WOW!! As for your WIPS they are all gorgeous!! I love the piece you have done for your ob gyn too!!