Monday, September 15, 2008

My baby turned 3!

Oh noesssss!!! hehe. Yesterday my baby turned 3! We went and drove down to Santa Maria saturday afternoon and spent the weekend over at MIL's. We all missed them, and they as well, it was so wonderful to be home with family again.

On our way to Santa Maria.

A home made cake for the birthday boy, by grandma.

goofing around with my auntie Kate.

me and SIL.

daddy is helping me open the gifts.

What's in there??

some more of my phat lewtz.

then we ate the cake.

and ice cream taste sweeter when grandma feeds 'em to me.
then Auntie Kate and Uncle Tyler wanted to see if i can keep them all in there. LOL

Then they wanted to play this domino game, but i am comfy here.

On our way home, we dropped by our friend's house who just had their first baby. Can you tell hubby is ready to have another one...? LOL
I got a balloon hat. LOL

What do you think? lolol

The friend's we visited who just had their first baby were the ones who I made this wedding piece by stoney creek. I finally got a photo of it framed, i did it myself but i forgot to snap it before i gave it away. So when we were at their house yesterday I asked if i could, and it was so surprising to see it hanged and having it's own wall in their bedroom right infront of their bed. =) So without further adieu here it is... (clickable for your viewing pleasure).
It was an odd-sized piece but i ordered a custom cut size of the frame from the local frame shop down in santa maria when we were still living there, and if i remember correctly, everything was around $22.50 which is a good bargain, wouldn't you agree? The frame is in silver tone. It really looks professional and i really love the way it came out.
Please allow me to greet my one and only sweet sweet babe.
Happy Birthday!!! I love you always and forever!!!


Mel said...

Happy birthday to your son!!!

Love the pics. You guys look like such a loving family.

Andie said...

~~~~***Happy Birthday Connor***~~~~
Hope you had a wonderful day and I hope you were totally spoiled!

Joei said...

Happy birthday to Connor!! I forgot magka bday nga pala sila ni Eric. It looks he had a wonderful day.

Lovely framed wedding sampler, I like it!

vEr0n!c@ said...

Happy Birthday to Connor. He's such a handsome boy! You must be so proud.

Beautifully framed piece. And all for only $22.50... definitely a bargain!

Chiloe said...

Happy birthday Connor !!!

Yep it's time to work for a baby sister !!! lol

Sharon said...

Happy belated Birthday to Connor! Your wedding sampler is gorgeous!

Abi said...

Happy Birthday Connor!!!

Doris said...

lovely pictures, happy birthay Connor!

stitcherw said...

Looks like he had a wonderful time for his third birthday, great pictures. I enjoyed seeing the picture of the finished and framed wedding sampler you did, it's lovely.