Wednesday, July 09, 2008

To hell and back...

Can i say...looking for an apartment is hell? Going back and forth to the old town is hell. The gas prices have been hell. No internet or cable tv was hell. And sleeping on the floor is a complete "my back is killing me" hell! LOL. But the good news is, we finally found an apartment, been living in it for a week, it's pretty fine, and I love that we have our own washer/dryer so I did not have to brawl/badmouth/catfight with other tenants trying to wash clothes at some "laundry on site" service. Yay! It also has a/c. Pretty sweet. It's only a one bedroom place, but it's big enough for the 3 of us. And it was about $400 cheaper than the last one we looked at. I am also feeling very confident because we are living in the ground floor, so no stairs for Connor to deal with. And, they also accept dogs, so I didn't have to give up my beloved P-chan. By the way, after a night of sleeping on the floor since we didn't really have like a couch or anything big when we came up here cuz it wouldn't fit in our Montero/van/ SUV/ cart..whatever you call it... We went parading down at Costco and grabbed an air bed, one hubby swears is more comfy than a regular bed. Not so much for the action though LOLOL.

This place is pretty damn sweet. I love the varieties of just about everything. I still have to make plans of visiting any LNS's or two, someday!

Now, before i go on and update on stitching, let me just say that I haven't been very deligent lately. Honestly, there is more to see on my current wip, but I have worked on some parts before we moved up and just didn't have time to capture a photo, while prepping our stuffs for the big move. I am still working on the EMS oval birth announcement, but one day while moving hubby broke my ott-lite bulb, and to tell you honestly I cannot work without it, not that my eyes are bad. I still have 20/20 vision thanks God! But I aint working on aida anymore which has holes more visible than a window made of lattice bamboos LOL. So I have been slacking really bad, atleast until I get a new bulb replacement. I talked to the couple who I'm giving this to, and they totally understand that I have been going through alot lately and are not in a hurry for the sampler. They are really nice, I'm glad! So here she is, and this is my current progress. I finished the oval thingy, but i didn't want to re place the whole fabric back. But anyways, you get the idea. =)

As I said before, my interest in reading perked up again. I had mentioned that I started on Michael Crichton "A Case of Need". I got about a little before half point, but when we went to Costco I saw "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown. He happens to be one my favorite conspiracy authors, after I read the "Da Vinci Code" of his, I decided on a whim that I needed to hunt this prequel down. Nontheless, we came home and i couldn't wait to start it, it has only been a couple of days and I am way past the halfway mark. It's very interesting read. Not that I let it influence my beliefs and perceptions about my own religion. But i really love the plots and puzzles and secret organizations type stuff that is on his book. Pretty absorbing and unputdownable!
Looks like someone else is interested in reading conspiracy stories in this house other than me. =]

Now, I am on the hunt for "Das Perfume or Perfume: The story of a murderer" by Patrick Suskind. I wonder if i can handle that right now. But i hear it's really bizaare and twisted (he makes perfumes out of virgins) (O_0)

I haven't worked on my PR wedding piece lately. But soon...I hope.

Sorry this is long, I am also hoping to catch up on you guys blogs today. Finally, let me say...Having the internet is a bliss, I can live normally again. LOL (",)

Have a great day everyone!


Chiloe said...

I'm glad you're back ;) It's great you found a place . Maybe someday, you can buy a nice house !!!

Juls said...

So great to see you back!!!!! Love your WIP's!!!!! Here's hoping you get settled in the new place soon and start stitching your beautiful projects again!!!!!!

stitcherw said...

Glad it sounds like everything worked out well with the apartment. Hopefully everything gets settled soon. How great that you already have a friend in the area too.

Hope you get a new bulb for your ott light quickly, I know how hard a time I have seeing without mine. You're sampler is looking so cute.

Abi said...

I'm glad you found a great place! $400 cheaper than the other place sounds like a great deal.

I read Perfume a million years ago. I remember loving it. I think I ordered it from Amazon. Don't ask me about the story though, because the baby has taken my memory away and won't give it back. LOL.