Thursday, June 26, 2008

We're Up North

Just dropping by to announce to the world that I am still alive and kicking =)

We started our journey towards the new town where hubby got his new job last Sunday night. We were staying at the motel 6, spending the most boring days of my life, with what seemed to me like they only have 5 freaking channels on the tv, it also seems like they have been doing Family Guy Marathon all day, everyday LOL (I have watched every episode a long time ago but don't mind reruns...but everyday reruns...ack!!). I didn't even get a single stitch in, I have been reading books, and just recently finished one I purchased at the grocery store called "The Last Mermaid" by Shana Abe. I love it. It was so romantic, mythical and timeless. I have currently started " A case of Need" by Michael Crichton. Last night we found out that the motel overbooked and we couldn't extend our stay which we planned was until saturday, but they had told us that we had to leave this afternoon. Bummer! So we did left early, I am right now at hubby's friend's house spending half the day until hubby gets out of work, thus i got to use the internet, wee! and then we will have to go to another motel Super 8, i think is what it was called. Hope this one is going to be so much better, with atleast 6 channels on tv LOL!

I love this town, it looks rather interesting, so many options especially food! So many asian resto's and grocery outlets. Lots and lots of shopping center and a tiny little shopping district with a plethora of boutiques, resto's, bookstores and who knows what else...?

We haven't found an apartment yet, it's so hard, since you can only view by appointment and usually their offices close at the same time hubby leaves for work =( We looked at a 1 bedroom/1 bath yesterday, but it was $1700 (no utilities included) worth of stash!!! So we are still searching...searching...I may even have to go back to Santa Maria by the weekend and spend the whole week down there so hubby can stay at his friends house without having to pay anymore for motel stays because it is truly expensive and it is draining our savings from his resignation which was suppose to go towards a deposit for an apartment rent. And then he can also look while staying at his friends without having to burn anymore $$$.

I have nothing to show sad.

Vent over. =)

Hope you all have a great stitching weekend.


Andie said...

*big hugs!!* so glad to hear from you. Praying you get a fantastic place really soon! Let me know when you have an address. How far are you from your old place?

Jenn said...

If you liked Shana Abe's book you should try and find The Secret Swan. She's such a great author.

Hope you have a safe rest of your trip.

stitcherw said...

Glad to hear that you like the area. Hope you find something soon.

Abi said...

I hope you find something soon. Apartment hunting is such a draining process.

vEr0n!c@ said...


Hope you guys find a new place soon.

Take care!