Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Latest HD, A new start for a baby...sweeeeet!!

After what seemed like forever of back-stitching. Stoney Creek's are notorious for those. I had finished finally my wedding piece, the one i was making for a friend as my gift to her for being just...well, my friend. =)

This piece was...something...not only was the backstitching totally all over the place, the blending with kreinik's all over was challenging as well. I mean, Mirabilia's have blends, but its usually a mix of different ones like #4 braids or #8's. This one was mostly of blending filaments, so i cheated and used a bit of the RG PB01 on the borders, just cuz i didn't have enough to go around, was using the same thing for my PR OUAT, so I had to order more, but did not want to wait for my order to arrive. I used the BF's on both the birds though, and then a bit of ewww, yuck! DMC 282 (light gold metallic) for the rings back stitching. Whaaaat?! I totally dissed that, as i hate the dmc metallics, so i used something else that i have around. A #4 braid from kreinik that i thought is quite similar, as i was not ready to lose my mind, thank you very much! tee hee

Wedding Treasure by Stoney Creek

Once again, I made another new start. A family friend, who works with hubby had a baby girl last month. Yey!! I'm so jealous... But i have to restrain myself from that, I am not ready to have another bout of more sleepless nights yet...hehehe. They are the ones who were basically handing over their little boy's clothes to us. Their oldest son is only couple months older from Connor, so in the past 2.5 years, we only had to buy him 4-5 times new clothing, and that was if it was really necessary (like Darth Vader costume haha). I talked to them and asked if they would like a cross stitch piece for their new daughter as i had made one for their son before and the answer was "We would be honored." Don't you love it when people truly appreciates your hand-made gifts that's smothered with love before you even started it? Amazing!!!
Again, this is my own hand-dyed piece, I made it yesterday and totally colored our white sink red...So I quickly rinsed the sink out with bleach before hubby got home LOL. The fabby came out a little wilder than i anticipated, it's a monaco fabric after all, so I wasn't that shocked. I'm hoping the design would work itself out around it. I am trying to finish it quickly so I can give it to them before we move.
Animal Baby Oval Birth Announcement
Ellen Maurer Stroh
As to hubby news, yes he got the new job, wooohooo!!! Can't believe they offered him 60% more raise than what he is making now. Finally, he is getting what he deserves to be paid. He is to start on the 23rd, so we are anticipating to move out of town by the 21'st. We are still looking for a temporary place to move over there, since it's so far, it's impossible to just drive down and sign contracts, so far we can only find studio's that allow pets, and God knows I can't live without my P-chan. I have no problem with living in a studio or in the car LOL. But a studio probably won't let you stay if there is like 3 of you. So we will have to see how things will go. My birthday is also coming up and I don't have any plans on what i want or to do yet. Usually I go like "baby, I want a year's supply of FOTM." heheh
I know i have been bad with not updating my blog often. But as soon as we get settled in at where we are moving, I will try as much as i can to update.
Finally, I leave you with pictures of my son who like all of us, loves the wii fit. LOL
The sun salutation
Sporting in Wii Fit Yoga.
Thanks for taking a peek. May you all be blessed with stash, stash and more stash then more stitching time.


vEr0n!c@ said...

Your son is soooo cute!

And the wedding piece you stitched for your friend is beautiful. I'm sure the couple will appreciate it. Lucky them ^.^

Looking forward to seeing your progress on EMS baby sampler. Pretty fabric :)

Romantic Fool said...

The piece is great. I can't believe you are brave enough to dye your own fabrics! Congrats on the new job! Good luck in the new city!

Joei said...

WOW!! Wagi sis yang SC Wedding Record na yan. I like it a lot.

Great dyeing job. The fabby looks stunning.

Congrats to your hubby and good luck in the new place. Kisses and hugs to Connor.

Juls said...

Conner is adoreable!!!
Love the fabric and your stitching is beautiful!!!!!!
PS have you seen PR's Fairy Celebration 3 yet??? I have my fabric and thread ready to start....maybe today!!!

Deanne J said...

Congrats on finishing your wedding piece.

THe fabric for the baby pice is beautiful.

Andie said...

Connor just gets cuter every day!! Go on have another :D I love the fabby you dyed for your friends baby!! Thats awesome news about the job! I won't send your pressie til you have a new address :) *big hugs*

Itching To Stitch said...

Beautiful finish on your wedding piece and a great new start. Your son is absolutely adorable. Congratulations to your husband for getting the new job ;)

Sharon said...

Your finish is lovely and your dyed fabric is fabulous! love the color. Your little one looks too cute!

stitcherw said...

Your wedding piece turned out gorgeous. What a lovely piece it is, and I'm glad it didn't drive you too crazy with the backstitch, blending filament and such. Your new start looks great too. I think the fabric you dyed looks wonderful. Glad you're all enjoying the Wii (he's adorable doing the yoga) and congratulations on your husband getting the new job. Hope moving and everything goes well for you and you get the details worked out and find a place quickly.

Joei said...

I just drop by to greet you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wishing you good health, and all the best you truly deserve.
Just let me know once you've settled down and email me your new addy, okies?
Enjoy your day.
Luv yah!