Saturday, May 24, 2008

I got me a new toy!

Awesomeness, hubby bought me Wii Fit last night!!! I told him when he got home that I want a Wii fit, actually eversince it was announced at E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) I had been saying to him that when it is released in the US I would like one. It became so popular that people were lining up outside the game stores for it. We drove to Gamestop, Target, Best Buy and finally at Wal-mart, they had one left, and some1 else wanted it but I was lucky that hubby got it first! Woohoo!!

I gave it a try as soon as we got home and it was so much fun. =^-^= I love it!

Hmm, wonder if it will help me maintain my figure LOL. Although it screamed at my face that i was underweight. LOLOL

You gotta get one! It is a fun way to exercise! I hate to exercise but hell yeah this is more like playing than exercise being a task!


Andie said...

Looks so cool, I dragged hubby over and showed it to him and then looked it up and read it to him.... my birthdays coming up so you know I was hopeful.... know what he said?!! Join a gym!!!! LOL

Joysze said...

Ooooooooooh lucky girl!!! Was at BB the other day but of course it was sold out. Then was too lazy to go hunting around like you guys did. Heard the hula is much fun. How do you like it?

stitcherw said...

The wedding announcement in your previous post is looking so pretty, the fabric sounds perfect for it. Glad you found someone so nice to spend the day with. I've seen a couple of people post that they've tried the new Wii Fit and really enjoy it. Glad to hear that you are enjoying it as well. Have fun with your new toy.

Joei said...

Lucky girl!

I'm screaming out loud while reading your post "I WANT IT!!!"
Not in the mood to hunt nowadays though but will surely get one (I need it to lose extra pounds, lol!)

xsquared said...

Ooooo, Wii fit! I'm jealous! I really want a Wii, but can't justify the expense when we already have a PS2 (which is currently frustrating us because all of the new games we want are PS3 only - boo!)

Mel said...

I've wanted to get a Wii for a while. Wii fit looks like so much fun.
I was going to save up for one for christmas but i've decided to get DH a PS3 for either his birthday or christmas. He is a playstation man. I want to try out guitar hero

lyn said...

Ka nice oi, ako sa YMCA rako kutob ani eheheh

Jenny said...

That's great! I gotta get after my hubby to get me one too.