Monday, May 12, 2008

Been a while...

It's been a while since my last update. Alot of things had been going on in my side of the world. First, we had to move to a new house, we are now moved, but we still have a few things left to pick up at the old house we were living before. It's only a few blocks away but having a small child while doing the move can really take forever. And we also found out last week that the old house has been infested with fleas. There were alot of stray cats in that old neighborhood, and remember that doggy door? I wonder if they were going inside the house through that since i used to leave some cat food out the front door while we were still living there, which meant i was basically feeding the homeless cats. So hubby decided to bug bomb the place last weekend before we bring in more stuff to the new house so that it doesn't get infested here as well.

Secondly, hubby received a job offer in San Jose, and went for a job interview last friday. If he gets this job, looks like we will be doing another move, San Jose is close to a 4 hour drive. He really wants to get this job as it pays alot more than what he is paid now and I'm hoping and praying that he will get the job as well, cuz I am planning to go back to school and study nursing. The earlier notice the better, as registrations end by June.

Anyhoo, I do have some stitching updates.

I have been slowly making some progress on OUAT. Not very much as of late due to the move. But this is my only accessible project so I did get some stitching done, I didn't even bother unpacking our stuffs incase hubby gets the job and we will have to move again. So here is what it looks recently.

I also ordered some SMF fabric during Mindy's spring sale. Took 2 months to receive but well worth the wait.

I ordered Cursus in linen and Angel Kisses in jazzlyn both in FQ. Love them!

Thanks for stopping by everyone.


Sharon said...

Beautiful progress! Good luck to your DH on the job

Romantic Fool said...

Great progress! Sorry to hear about the fleas. I had that happen in my apartment one time. Was such a pain to get rid of! Don't forget to vaccuum and wash everything too!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your OUAT looks wonderful and you've made a lot of progress on it. I hope you get settled in your new home ;)

stitcherw said...

Great progress, it's looking beautiful. Lovely new fabric you got as well. Good luck to your DH on the job interview, I'll keep my fingers crossed it goes well. Also, good luck with the moving and getting rid of the fleas. With pets they are so easy to get and so difficult to get rid of.

lyn said...

I hope he will get the job dai para duol duol ta and sorry to hear about the fleas.