Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A little more progress and a new WIP

I stitched Once Upon A Time for few more days, I worked deligently on those flowers, and I am so happy to announce that I have passed the biggest part on them and only has a little more to go. Wooohooo!!! I'm glad to know I haven't been defeated! I am now working on the fairy's wings, and then more on the fairy and the prince later, just want to make sure I can catch up on where I am on the pattern. It is getting exciting!!!

However, I have to stop with OUAT for a while, my friend's daughter is going to be celebrating her birthday soon. She's the older sister of the little girl I have made butterfly baby from before. I haven't made her any as of yet, so now is the right time. Her birthday this year is the same day as Easter. I am planning on stitching for her Blue Ballerina by DMC she is taking ballet classes, I called her mom yesterday and asked what her favorite color is, and she said pink and purple. I went through my fabby stash, and since i don't have very many smalls, i can't find any pink i like. I went ahead and dyed her a piece.

And here is my start.

I also had S.E.X. (Stash Enchancement eXperience). I received my order from PTP. The mermaid I have been eye'ing since I got back from my trip. It was one of hubby's valentines gift to me, and Wow! I just love the design!

Thanks for stopping by & leaving comments. I appreciate it. =^-^=


Itching To Stitch said...

OUAT looks fabulous. There are a TON of flowers in that piece!!

The fabric you dyed is beautiful. How did you learn how to dye fabric? I would love to do my own but have no idea how.

Thanks for the tag, I'll be thinking about my 7 facts ;)

Sharon said...

I knew you conquer those flowers-looks fabulous! Great job dyeing your fabric-it's a great color.

~*~Julie~*~ said...

Hi Noreen.:) I REALLY like that "Once Upon a Time" and it looks like you're making beautiful progress on it!! Please continue to post your WIPs! The flowers look beautiful! As far as that ocean chart you just added to your stash---WOW that's neat! I haven't seen that before. I see all sorts of new designs by looking at blogs. lol


(humorschild at 123 Stitch)

Carol said...

Oh, Once Upon A Time is looking gorgeous - you really picked just the right fabric for that one!

Joei said...

Your OUAT is looking so gorgeous, I like it a lot. You picked the right fabby for it.

Awwww, you found that chart. Can't wait to see your progress.