Thursday, February 14, 2008

Back from my trip!!! (picture heavy)

I got back from visiting my home country last tuesday. The past week had been hectic, my mom and nephew stayed for a couple days over in CA. I had chores waiting for me over the 3 weeks i was gone, laundry was about the size of Mt. Everest, thank God to the invention of washing machines and dryer, or i would have lost both my hands now!!!

Onto some pics:

arrival at the airport, we were greeted by sinulog dancers, that is our patron saint of cebu "Sr. Sto. Nino"

during the Sinulog Festival.

with my grandma (mother side) grandma, my mom, my cousin and my dog Midnight

this is my dad, with Connor and my nephew Trey. My mom with my nephew Trey.

karaoke is a way of life. I love pancake!

of course, my mom and i went to the salon LOL.


during Connor's christening.

i gave him a haircut.

He got so sick during the trip. The weather was very different in the Phils. and we had to keep seeing the doctor after we arrived, we even ended up in a hospital lab one night so he can have a blood test done, we got scared as there has been dengue fever outbreaks in the Philippines. Thank God it was nothing serious but a case of heat allergy called "miliaria". I was not able to spend time out as much with my friends, or shop, didn't even get a chance to go to the beach. But i was happy to see everybody I have missed.
The rashes cleared out a week after, and we made sure we wrap him up everytime we go out, so he doesn't get direct exposure from the sunlight.

On stitching talk, I haven't been able to do any stitching lately, I have missed it, so are my FOTM's and those surprises in the mail. I can't resume yet however, we are so broke. LOL
I did get a stitchy gift from hubby for valentines, he drove me down to Solvang and bought me Isabella's Garden last saturday and PR Mediterraneo I ordered on ebay for our anniversary, it should arrive in the mail soon.
Wishing everybody a happy valentines!!!


Chiloe said...

Hi there I'm glad you're back !!! I was thinking of you the other day so I'm glad you are all fine. Too bad Connor was sick but you had a good time anyway and that's what is important ;-)

Have you stitched anything?

Andie said...

Oh I am so glad to "see" you back again! I have missed you :) Connors haircut is gorgeous!! Gosh your clever, I'm really bad at haircuts lol. Even though you didn't get out as much as you would have liked it must have been lovely to visit your home country and family and have all those familiar faces and places around you again :) I hope Connor is completely recovered! Did you get the message about the 2nd Mira board?

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip - minus Conner feeling ill. Glad to have you back. :)

Romantic Fool said...

Glad you made it back safely! Looks like you had a great time considering the circumstances!!! Can't wait to see what you start on for your next project!

Cheryl said...

Im glad your back! Sounds like a lovely trip home, i love all your pictures. Im glad Connor is okay.

Joei said...

You did have a wonderful trip Sis. Thanks for sharing the photos. Sinulog is always festive. Too bad we came in late and didn't have the chance to celebrate it. But we did visit our Senior last time.

Lechon is still the best in there, so yummy!!!!

I got sick too on the first week. The weather is so bad, I didn't know it was so HOT in Cebu during this month. Good to know Connor is ok now.