Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Dances!!

I have Happy Dances currently going on...I'm still shaking my booty from all that i have accomplished.

First off, I would like to Thank my beautiful friend Sara (saranne, saranne6) for sending me this lovely fairy bag. It's very handy for going to the park whenever my son decides he wants to go feed the ducks.

I finally finished this birth sampler for my japanese goddaughter Maiko-chan. This must be the worst Mirabilia pattern I have ever stitched. There was absolutely no way to get away from those confetti stitches on both sides, i was so close to trashing it and make another one of different design. Oh, for the love of God!!! I was about to lose my mind!!! *runs around screaming* lol but thankfully i have regained my sanity, now that i see it all finished. ;) I forgot to mention that the fabby was 28 count Blue Ice from country stitch, it was a RAK gift from beautiful Andrea aka stitchitandie. Thanks Andrea, the fabby was one of the reason why I pursued on this design..=)

Now she is ready for lacing/framing and off to Japan she will go!

Did i mention that this must be one of my most horrible backs?? I could not help it, i just had to drag all that thread and pull them, i just did not care anymore, I probably would have done it still, no matter how many miles away it needs to go to complete another single stitch... *sigh face*

Que horror!

By the way, here is a picture of cutie pie Maiko. The birth sampler is for her. =)

Oh oh, and then I will never forget to mention my World of Warcraft toon, I finally reached max level 70 woooo hooo!!! I
played her everyday spending my rested periods, and did gain
level fast.
Now I am happily mounting the newest released flying mounts. I got the snowy griffon, it's just the basic, I can't afford the epic mounts as of the moment...But hey who am i to complain? It flies...No more getting ganked by a whole buttloads of mobs trying to complete a certain quest, after all i rode my felsteed up until I was level 69.

I also cannot believe i found this gear, it had this thing in the back that looked like a playboy bunny tattoo, just like i do IRL, plus it's so hot and sexy and a rare item at that!

Weeeee...I'm so proud of her!!!


Arizonah13 said...

Hi Noreen! Thanks for leaving me a comment. Your Mira birth sampler is very beautiful! (annoying confetti stitches and all). I also *love* your fairy bag - lucky girl!!

By the way, your little boy and niece are sooo adorable! :)

Arizonah13 said...

Oops - I mean God Daughter! :) Still, very cute!

Andie said...

Awesome Noreen! *hugs* I am so glad you liked that fabbie so much to continue! LOL Even if it was a painful pattern the end result is awesome!

As to the back.......... what are you on about?! LOL it still looks great to me!

Congratulation on your wowc level (It sounds like this is something really good)

Maiko is gorgeous!


p.s can you write in a different colour? Its really hard to read (well for me anyway LOL)