Saturday, March 17, 2007


Sweet Caroline...I meant Carolyn (that song is stuck in my head) LOL asked me to show my WIP of SSM. I thought I'd update my blog as she is an entry worth wasting my time for. hehe

She's stitched on 28 count solo opal lugana from SW. I have mentioned this before..I think? I really love this fabby because the top is light colored and it suddenly went darker downwards like you know...under the sea! Anyways, I still have way more to go. I actually frogged her body once because the first time she came out with abnormally long torso, that hubby commented, if she did not have a'll see something else that's not suppose to be there LOL so i went ahead and frogged her body and moved her tail upwards a little bit. She is very skinny, but i think once she's filled in with those beads she won't be looking strange anymore...I hope! She likes to eat sea-weeds LOL.

I got to stitch more on her last night so I got more of her tail done..I also eliminated her 'tendrils..or tentacles' whatever they were cuz then she would end up looking like an octupos, not very pretty.

I am hoping to work on her more, time and my baby permits me. I actually am excited to get her finished. By then, I would be very sure to share my conversion, I can't gamble as of now yet, I wasn't born to ruin ones project. hehehe

Have a good 'un.


Carolyn said...

LOL... You have no idea how many times I get called Caroline and/or have that song sung to me. LOL. SSM looks so good! I don't think she looks too skinny - she is just very svelte from all that swimming! :) She is so beautiful and you are doing an AWESOME job. I thought she was just too "busy" being entirely covered with scales and what-not. I like her much better this way! :) Good job :) (and thanks for posting just for me! )



Juls said...

I love her this way! Great conversion!!!! You really have a talent for conversions!

Jamie said...

Hey I love your SSM! I think your floss looks amazing too... great job on dying. I need a bigger apartment but that would mean a horrible move and more money.

I enjoyed your blog.