Friday, February 09, 2007

A Happy dance for mwa!

I happy danced today. After i washed and pressed my finished piece, i started strutting around the house LOL. Actually i finished it last night, hubby was a little worried after i started dancing, he must think i had gone cuckoo!

I love love this piece, it is soooooooo fab, in my opinion. Who doesn't believe in destiny? Let me know and i will wipe some on to you..j/k!

Here it is (ala grand entrance)...

I personalized by adding our names. You won't believe how many times i had frogged the names off of this piece. I needed something that won't overpower all the other letters, it had to fit of course!

This is stitched using 32 count opalescent lugana "SUNRISE" from stab and stash. Very pretty!

I also did a rechart on Lady of the Mist (by Mirabilia) last night, I finished it this morning, and i think she will look more pleasing now without the roses in her chest. I really did think that those roses were out of place and I cannot stop thinking how she looks like she has very

hairy chest! It's just wrong! I up'ped her bodice a little bit and charted them with skin instead of those roses. I can't really imagine someone shoving roses in there! Besides of them having thorns, I'd probably bleed to death. tee hee... Plus I wouldn't want to be swarmed with critters, unless it's a dragon of course!

I don't have time to stitch her yet, but I would like to stitch her this way, skin is way better than those flowers! =)


J said...

Noreen, gorgeous finish! I like the chinese characters on there. Sometimes they're charted so ooogly. YUCK!

Good recharting work on Lady. Maybe her beau put the roses in there. ;)

Peg said...

I agree completely, lol when I read all about the thorns and creepy crawlies yes I think you're right :o) you rock girl