Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Funny story

I had a really funny experience yesterday, being hubby's 28th birthday, I asked if we could all parade to Cold Stone ice cream shoppe, it's my fave, it's quite expensive though and it's erected over at the other side of town, so it's really special for me. So anyways, we all started hitting the car, but realized we locked the keys inside the house!!! I didn't even carry with me my ever so reliable diaper bag that contains the spare key argh!!! I left the keys on top of the dresser after we got home from spending easter at MIL's. So we were stumped. I said, let's go to the backyard and maybe i could fit through the doggy door, LOL! we have a cat, and a miniature poodle by the way, so you can imagine how big a door that would be. I tried to squeeze in there while hubby was getting frustrated about how to get in. My shoulder wouldn't fit, i said "i don't think i can fit!" and hubby said "one shoulder at a time baby." I said, "i can't..." but then he said "get out and let's just walk to the mall." haha fat chance, like i would walk all the way to the mall. So i squeezed myself in harder, and yes! I got half my body through, now my hips are stuck! I said, "my hips, I can't get out!!!" (Thank's to pregnancy!) LOLOL Hubby said "haha, do you need me to push you?" So he put Connor down as he was holding him the whole time as our backyard, i think is a land mine LOL, i catch all types of allergies there. So hubby put Connor down and started pushing at my legs, and thank God, Jesus, flying spaghetti monster I fell in, and crawled my way in and up and opened the front door. Then we grabbed the keys, and went happily following the yellow brick road LOL. Hubby said "now, we know a 5th grader can come in and steal our stuff" and i said "we know now what to do everytime we lock our keys in haha." and he said "well, that was really funny, but it would have been funnier if you were stuck there, i would have to call 911." Hahaha. I was wearing pencil skirt too!!! By the way the opening of the doggy door measured 7x12 inches. LOL. I probably would have just slipped through the doggy door before I had a baby, i was the size of a skewer LOL But anything i can do, just for a bowl of ice cream!!! (i know you can relate. hehehe)

The doggy door to salvation! LOL

Oh, I am also happy to report that I placed an order for a silkweaver grab bag when i had the chance. They sell like hot cakes, anyways, i received them last saturday and boy, I couldn't be happier, they are all gorgeous, although the biggest size was 13x18, and most are odds but what better way to add to my small collection.

Ain't they all gorgeous? Love 'em!!!

Thanks to everyone who commented on my framed Nimue design, I totally adore it. And I'm happy to know that others think it's wonderful as well.


Andie said...

Oh My GOSH!!! Noreen!!! LOL!!!! Maybe next time Connor could go in LOL Your fabrics look lovely (although my screen is yellow again) so I will check back later I think my monitor is dying cause it comes and goes :(

Itching To Stitch said...

I can't believe you fit in that door. 7x12?? I couldn't fit in something 3 times that size. Thanks for the laugh, oh and I love the fabrics ;)

Joei said...

OMG, sis can imagine how small you are at nagkasya ka dun, hehehe. Thanks for the chuckle. The fabrics are lovely.

Mel said...

WOW, you fit through that door. I could never fit through a doggy door. I always worry about lokcing my keys in the house. Luckily I have a few ways to get in. I never lock the back door as we have a rottie in the back yard who sleeps right at the door.
The fabric you got looks fab. I always miss out on grab bags, never quick enough

Jenny said...

What a cute story! I can just picture you trying to fit through the door. Your DH is lucky he isn't married to me - no way I'd fit through that door in a million gazillion years! ha

Cindy said...

OMG...i can't even think of getting myself thru that little doggy door. I would probably stuck my head there! LOL. Your new stash from Silkweaver is beautiful. I love their fabrics too :D