Monday, January 05, 2009

Thank you sis Joei

I recieved a very thoughtful christmas gift, on christmas eve while we were heading for santa maria, I went and decided to grab the mail before leaving. My lovely postman had a box sitting in there for me from my super loving sis Joei.

cute stuff from sis joei, love the handbag!

close up of the needleroll, so adorable!

The opportunist using her lovely handbag! LOL (santa maria, shopping trip with SIL)

Abusing the handbag (it was a cold cold day) while going to the mall last weekend.

Thank you sis Joei, your needleroll was truly a piece of art! And this handbag is remarkable, i love it to bits. Who told you i love bags? LOL It's going to parties with me from now on. Very abusive me, really! LOL

Love ya! and thanks again from the bottom of my heart!


Jessie said...

Happy New Year Noreen!

Joei is very sweet & thoughtful. Her Christmas gifts for you are so pretty! The needle-roll is very pretty, the tote bag colour is so sweet and i have to say the one whom carries it, just as beautiful! I love your long hair Noreen. You look great!

Andie said...

Oh what a gorgeous gift! Hope you a great time away!

Cindy said...

Pretty needleroll and bag!

Jenny said...

You are a lucky girl, what a pretty bag and needleroll. :) Your son is getting so big - growing into a handsome boy. :)

stitcherw said...

What a great package to get. Fun purse and the needleroll was gorgeous.

Joei said...

Happy New Year sis!!!!
I'm so glad you liked the NR and bag I sent you.
I'm still in Phils and will fly back on 1st Feb. I love the weather dito lamig (would you believe umabot ng 17deg sa Manila). But then di kami nakapag out of town, maulan so not good sa beach or sightseeing.