Monday, October 06, 2008

Some phat lewtz & my lil fashionista

Once upon a long time ago. I saw this finish of A Prince Is Born by Marie's garden/ Just Cross Stitch on a bulletin board. It was stitched on an opalescent fabric and I just fell off the moon and decided it was one of the cutest birth announcement chart I had ever seen. The day i saw it, i decided to look it up on ebay and I found one for $4, I told myself, I will get it soon, unfortunately I didn't catch it until the item ended. Of course it slipped off my mind, it was then all over online stores so i wasn't that worried that I won't ever get it. One day, it just became OOP :~( Then this was the time where i decided that I really need to add this to my collection, In August, i ordered it from Stitches N Things. A few days later I got my money back because they no longer have this in stock. And after that I saw that Stitching Bits and Bobs had a sale, and it was one of the items that was included, I felt super lucky! And i went ahead and ordered it. I even waited patiently although I know that i vowed I won't order from them again after my first and second try. But for the chart I wanted, hell! I'd wait for months!!! I kept tracking it, and it did not change status for a long time, says "on back order". So i finally dropped them an email and they refunded me my money the next day, which is good although It's so sad that they did not have the chart. When I thought I finally will get to keep it. =(

But to make this long vent story short, I finally got it! wooohoo! lucky lucky!!! I saw that Casa Cenina which is based in Italy has it listed on their online shop. I decided to write them an email and with wings on my feet, they informed me that they have this in stock!!! OMG! You don't know how exciting that news was! It made my day, week, months, years, lifetime of frustration LOL! i received this beauty last week. I did not mind paying much, I wanted it so bad! I even added a clearance chart that they had. What a lucky girl I am! yay! I am inlove with my mailbox already! LOL

Last weekend, I also found a gold mine! A supermarket with all kinds of filipino food. Sooo yummy! They even sell porks blood (for stew, unfortunately I don't know how to make it), liver, chicken feet ahhh so yummy, and some other stuff you don't wanna know LOL! and they have tons of different cuts of meat, like the one I bought which is pork belly that still has skin on it. It's going to be sooo delicious on the grill! Also next to the supermarket is 2 of the Philippines well-known resto. Red Ribbon Bakeshop to the right, that makes super cakes and snacks, and Chow King to the left, which is siopao heaven! OhhHHhh!!! Yum yum!

My now favorite store, only 18 mins away from our house!

Of course, I am not going to forget on Rose Girl's update. I got to stitch on her some, she is a cute little fashionista. I can't wait to stitch on her some more today. She is growing so fast...awww..Soon she will be every guy's fantasy. I just hope she won't be flapping her lashes at every guy that passes her by LOL.

crap nuts photo, my camera was dying.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did! <(=O_O=)>


Andie said...

Yay for all your favorites :) And your "fashionista" looks lovely :D

Tama said...

Yay! Glad you found your pattern after so much trouble! and the supermarket with the yummies! I adore your little girl; she looks prettier every time I see her!

Romantic Fool said...

Great progress! It is going to be such a great piece when finished! And what an adventure to find one chart! And I so know what you mean about finding a place that sells "your" food! When a mexican bakery opened here in town, I was in complete heaven because I could now get the cookies I used to eat as a kid!

stitcherw said...

Congrats on finding the chart. That is so frustrating to wait on getting something and then have it go OOP. I'm glad you were able to finally track it down. What a find on the store too, and that it is so close to your apartment, what double luck. Lovely progress on Rose Girl, she's looking so cute.

vEr0n!c@ said...

Gratz on finally locating and receiving the chart. It is indeed a cute one and I can see why you like it so much. Rose girl is looking lovely.

Hehe... I'm Chinese so yup, blood, liver, belly is yummy stuff :P

Joei said...

Your rose girl is so pretty. So nice to see your progress, didn't know she's lovely until now.

You found the charts, that's great!

Red Ribbon is my fave bakeshop in Phils, awww I'm so jealous! I like pork belly known as liempo and cooked as lechon kawali ( I know how, hehehe). Ahhh, yummy!!!