Friday, October 24, 2008

The plague began...

It's not raining men...and no halleluja's for me...

It's raining frogs..frogs..frogs...I know, it's the perfect time for them to visit...cauldrons, witches, brews...warts...but i would love to call them 'coco puffs'. LOL

Can i say...ewww?? I had to frog so much, you'd think I was still sane enough to decide to stitch Rose Girl with all the flowers around remember my OUAT right? Worst flowers I have ever stitched!

See that? and how much I have finished? I was just about to have a happy dance that night, but unfortunately, i was not lucky enough to have one. I just realized both sides didn't match and somehow nothing adds up, I actually had hubby go over it for me, and he was the one who pointed out that the left side was off 3 blocks atleast. ickkk!!! Is it time for me to need glasses? I swear I can still see fine! So that night, like two nights ago, i decided to just frog the whole mistake. And i worked on the bottom part instead. It was faster, since very little colors are involved.

This is what she looks like right now...

She is going to be done soon. I can't wait to HD for her.

I have a new project waiting in line. I'm going to stitch Noah's Ark for baby by Leisure Arts for my friend's who had a baby last month. They are the people who I stitched this for. i think they have an animal themed room for the baby, and when i received their "thank you card" from the baby shower, it was noah's ark card. So i thought this one will be perfect. I ordered the chart off ebay and it hadn't arrive yet, however, here is a picture of the cover.

I'm going to stitch the main design but I will be eliminating the rainbow (it might be offensive) with giraffe part, and the wheels too, I am going to make an arch then continue the bottom of the boat so it will look like it's floating on water on my dyed fabric.

The other day, I dyed the piece I am going to use for this, and this is why I am so excited. It's a 32 count jobelan.

I can't wait to start, so i need to stitch faster...Connor got sick though so I will have to take it slowly this time...just a tad faster will do. hehe

I hope you all have a good weekend!


Tama said...

Eh, frogs are no fun at all - I've been attacked, too! - but your little girl is sooo pretty she's worth it!
I like the new pattern, too, it's really cute! Can't wait to see WIP pics.
Hope your baby feels better soon - oh and your dye job is AMAZING! wow!!!

Romantic Fool said...

Your Flower Girl is looking great! You are brave though to have frogged it all and continue on. I love the fabric you have dyed! I can't wait to see what the Noah's Ark looks like when you finish it!

Chiloe said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who stitch "backward" !!! lol I hate that !!! lol Let's say you're going to finish tomorrow (maybe it is already finished !!! lol)

Andie said...

I'm sorry to hear the frogs visited! She is looking beautiful tho! Looking forward to seeing your new wip :D

stitcherw said...

Sorry to hear Conner got sick, hopefully he feels better soon. Sorry too that the frogs came to visit you in such a big way, how frustrating. She's looking so pretty, fingers crossed the rest goes more smoothly for you. Your fabric looks great, Noah's Ark will look so cute on it.

vEr0n!c@ said...

First off, LOL! I love that... Epic QQs. Only a WoW Player would understand that.

Eh! Sorrie to hear about the frogs. Hate em and hope they won't visit ever again. Same thing happened to me when I was stitching the border for an RR. It was horrible >.<

It's looking wonderful now though. Look forward to seeing a happy dance from you soon.