Monday, June 18, 2007


My bestfriend who lives in Japan gave me the biggest surprise of my life! She sent me an early birthday present and I was just psyched outta my mind!!! When i opened the door to pick up my mail, there was this box sitting there and I was just very ecstatic when i opened it, it contained 2 sets of Yukata (Japanese Kimono) one for me and one for my son. OMG!! I was so shocked, it brought back memories of when i was young, we would have United Nations Day in school and I am always Miss Japan LOL. My son loves his yukata he tried it on as soon as he saw it, I will have to take pics of him later, he looked like a little samurai. =D

Here is our pair of yukata's, aren't they just beautiful?? Now this halloween, I will surely wear it and imagine that I am a geisha. LOL.

I just love that butterfly obi belt...It's so pretty!!

This is my beautiful japanese god-daughter Maiko chan. She is so precious and adorable..

Thank you Christine for my gifts, I am so thrilled! You are the bestest best friend ever!! =)


Joei said...

Your goddaughter is soooo cute. And the yukatas are simply WOW. Lucky girl, you are blessed with a wonderful friend.

I remember my Ate gave me one too when I was in Secondary Sch. and wore it in school (not sure if it's UN Day, can't recall.. I'm really old, lol!!!). People who saw me have the same comments, "I'm the japanese with the biggest round eyes!"

I'm sure you and your DS will look good on it. Would love to see the pics.

Cheryl said...

Oh wow, great gifts! You will definitely have to post a picture of your son wearing it. Your goddaughter is so cute

Sharon said...

Your little Goddaughter is so gorgeous! The yukata's are beautiful.