Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just an update!

Haven't been doing much, we got real busy around easter. Visits here and there...coloring eggs and w00T?! Easter bunnies..?? In the Philippines, where i come from it is so different. It's to commemorate the day Jesus died. The churches for sure are swarmed since the ash Wednesday. Beggining Thursday it's day off, so there is a really long weekend. If you get ashed you aren't allowed to eat meat, except fish. On Good Friday my grandma fixes us up some kind of stew with coconut milk and crops in it, basically what you are allowed to eat all day. We also have strange if you were to eat anything broiled on good friday you will develop freckles, or you should keep away from anything sharp to avoid cutting yourself, because jesus is dead thus your cut will heal only when Jesus lives again, and my fave, you should shower before 3 p.m. (jesus was crucified) because without his presence the entities are all around and you wouldn't be wanting to shower with them now, would you?? Okay, it sounds kind of funny...I'm sure you think we are crazies LOL. Also, there is some kind of a parade, and of people getting crucified, for real! With nails hammered through their hands, or those that are beating themselves with some kind of thorny ropes, like they did to jesus while they were taking him to Calvary. It is one of our traditions, some people make a promise to be crucified for some 10 years every holy week. It is their pact with God. It sounds horrible, but these people are very brave.

Anyways, in stitching talk, I have made a bit of progress on my Custom Family Name. I have also started on PR Fairy Celebration, I have finished the top of her head to her waist. Last night I thought again of stitching PR's Under the Arbour of Love for my son, and I recharted the mom to have long hair (like i do =D ). I can't seem to get blogger to post my picture, it's just not cooperating right now, I think the uploader is having a hiccup. Will try again later.
That is it for now...I hope everybody had a wonderful easter, although late, but better than never. =D

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Cheryl said...

That was really interesting to read all about those customs!