Friday, January 26, 2007

WIP it!!!

It's been a longgggg time!!! I haven't updated for a while, the new year was way too new, with new adventures & experiences especially with my now 1 year old! Geez, the teething days are a mommy's nightmare! It was worse than having to wake up and busting out your tits for midnight feeding, and they are just sprouting and sprouting 2 at a time sometimes!!!

Anyways, I have only finished one design for the new year, it's my nephew's birthday present, he is now 2. It's Mirabilia Free 2001 Angel Cherub that i converted into a birth sampler...My sister is a lavender freak so I also converted the angel's clothing into lavender, my sis will be so all over it, she'd think she's an angel...Although, i beg to differ! haha

However, I am overwhelming with WIPS...I am keeping up with myself, really! And new designs coming out that needs to find their way to my stash are beckoning me, even in my dreams, they are like tiny voices, haunting me...taunting me...killing me...ehehe. So about a week ago, hubby decided to surprise me and bought "Lady of the Mist", I say constant yapping, makes a man give up!!! Eversince LOTM was announced for a release, I had never stopped asking for her to find her way home to me, it only took a moment for hubby to get the hint *wink*. Now to start babbling about "My lady of the Snow" muahahaha.

Here are the WIPS I am currently very busy with...New baby by Mirabilia, for my japanese goddaughter Maiko, The fabric is called ice blue by country stitch. It was given to me by my beautiful friend Andrea from NZ, she is such a darling! Thank you for the fabbie Andrea dear. Ugh! the flowers on this design is very disheartening, lots of color changes, so I am only working on this whenever I feel like, and i hadn't gone very far, thankfully though, the design is small, so I am hoping to finish this before the next new year! *grin*

The second WIP I am currently working on is called "Red Thread" by cross stitch art. I so love working on this, and it's such a joy, I remembered way back when i was but a big bookworm, I have read about "the man on the moon binds babies together and later they marry..." And i think it is true in a sense, I so believe in destiny... The calligraphy on this design reads "Destined to Meet" and the poem reads "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread maystretch or tangle but it will never break." So true!!! I love this design and can't wait to finish it. It is stitched on Miss Tammy's opalescent Sunrise,, really pretty for the design as the contrast on fabbie vs thread is super!!!

And then, my 2 very very latest ones, my World of Warcraft characters, I am still working my way to lvl 61 for my warlock, but who knows when that is going to happen, probably in a few months or perhaps next year LOL. They raise the level to 70 since expansion release, and with what little time I get to play, I could only imagine how i will be stuck to the 60's for quite a while. *sigh* I do however, love my minion as he is so much stronger than the previous ones, and has helped me alot while i solo'ed and while grinding, which basically is mostly what i do, can't group while i have a screaming toddler under my desk. =.

I did however create a new character that was part of the expansion, the blood elves which are in my opinion really sexy and i really like the way they look, even that 60's hairstyle that hubby kept commenting about "looked awful!" but I am a girl and girl's only want more hair if they can have it. Right? Thankfully, hubby and a couple of friends are playing again, so we group at night, they all did play Warriors, and I play the healer, I'm telling you, a woman can only handle so much, so i had taken the part of herbalism & alchemy, so i could concoct and specialize my own 'love potions'. LOL

Well, I have said enough for now...Don't want to take anymore of your time reading and my time typing..hehehe. I will update again, as time permits. feels good to be back!!!


xsquared said...

Welcome back! The birth sampler is beautiful and your WIPs look great.

bardgold said...

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Andie said...

Absolutly gorgeous Noreen!! I love your red thread WIP! The verse is really great :) I am so jealous that your hubby bought you Lady of the Mist......... mine said.......... don't you have enough stuff already?!.....SAY WHAT????!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!!! lol *hugs*

TwistedCandles said...

It only took me about 3 months to do Newborn Joy. I wasn't working on it every day though.

J said...

Welcome back, sweetie. I've missed you! WIPs are fantastic, as usual. :D